Oh, how the fashion industry and plastic bag companies have contributed to plastic pollution around the world. Athleisure wear and hemp clothing have decreased microplastics from contaminating our oceans drastically, but I have found a new way eco-friendly fashion accessories can do more to reduce single-use plastics by wearing THIS.

What Eco-Friendly Fashion Accessory (Made from Hemp) Can You Wear To Reduce Single Use Plastics Even more?

This fashion accessory is the old fashion backpack reimagined with eco-friendly materials and styled to flatter adult lifestyles.  Backpacks are not just for school anymore!

How wearing a backpack instead of carrying a purse helped reduce single-use plastics

By carrying a backpack with me everywhere instead of a purse, I had more room to hold items that I bought at the store and more hands available.

A purse can fall off your should and you may notice you have to keep a hold of it with one hand.  Not very efficient when you have a toddler to chase!  Not only did I find wearing a backpack instead was much more convenient, but so many eco-friendly routines also started happening.

Going to the gas station, I stopped needing a plastic bag.  I put everything I bought in my backpack.  I could also bring the receipt home to recycle as well as any plastic containers I used to recycle.  Have you noticed gas stations don’t have recycling containers?

The most noticeable place I shopped that was in need of reducing plastic bag use was the gas station.  Plastic bag alternatives have been marketed around grocery stores but I feel there’s a need to start the same trend at gas stations.

You can also get a backpack that has a special place for your eco-friendly glass water bottle.  You won’t find this convenience in a purse and most would not dare to carry a drink container inside a purse out of fear of it opening or leaking.

To be truly eco-friendly with your backpack, you need a backpack made out of hemp.  Hemp has been declared the MOST eco-friendly fabric in the world currently. It also is a strong fabric for long time use.

Buying a synthetic backpack made from plastic materials will only add to the microplastics in our oceans and won’t degrade easily in landfills.   These types of backpacks won’t hold up as long as a hemp fabric backpack.

Hemp is the way to go and you can now find so many stylish hemp backpack options to choose from

Here are some stylish hemp fabric backpacks I found on Amazon.  Try one out and let me know how it changed your life.  I absolutely love mine!  Don’t forget to use the give back box option Amazon has to offer!

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Maha Bodhi Multi Pocket Hemp Fabric Backpack

Made from pure Himalayan hemp in Nepal with strong cotton fabric.  This backpack has amazing reviews.  Multip pockets to store your wallet, snacks, laptop, and consider this eco-friendly water bottle if you don’t have one.  Don’t forget your bamboo straw and utensils to carry with you everywhere helping to save the sea turtles!

Core Hemp Rucksack Backpack

Another Himalayan hemp and cotton backpack for the distant traveler.  It’s slightly larger, not a huge rucksack but perfect for camping or trips to the beach.  This is a newer design with great reviews as well.  I use the pocket in front to keep my eco-friendly cork wallet.  I can keep my wallet in the pocket and just unzip it to take out money.  So convenient.

Suman Hemp Laptop backpack

I love the light colors in this hemp backpack.  You’re learning that Hemp has so many useful benefits and don’t forget it is the MOST eco-friendly fabric out there currently.  America is experiencing great change and enlightenment.  We’re making progress 🙂

Thank you!

I thank you for taking the time to read this important life-changing eco-friendly article supporting hemp products that will make a HUGE impact on single-use plastics and reduce microplastic contamination in our oceans that will cycle back into our food.

A simple change from using a purse to a backpack has many conveniences while making great changes to the environment.  To summarize the eco-friendly benefits of using a hemp fabric backpack:

  • biodegradable
  • strong material
  • Does not need pesticides or herbicides to grow
  • Grows very quickly in one season
  • little to no pollution required to process
  • Prevents the need for plastic bags especially at a gas station
  • A place to carry more eco-friendly items like glass water bottles and bamboo traveling utensils

To reduce microplastics further, I encourage you to read our athleisure wear article as well as our hemp fabric women’s clothing options.