Millions of people have now seen the viral video of a biologist painfully pulling a plastic straw out of a helpless sea turtles nostril in hopes to save it.  This video has brought mass awareness of ocean plastic pollution but what are we doing about it?

Luckily there are marine biologists and other environmental efforts at work in our oceans helping as many sea turtles like the one in the video make it another day through the plastic oceans.

Not all of us are marine biologists or live in areas where we can directly help.

What can people do to help save the sea turtles?

People living away from oceans might not realize that single-use plastics inland get carried downstream from streams and rivers into estuaries then finally out in the open ocean.

One way to help sea turtles from plastic is to stop using single-use plastics.  Single-use plastics include plastic straws, cups, water bottles, utensils, etc.

These items have been included in our daily lifestyle for far too long and are a challenge to stop using them completely.  You may use them more than you think like getting your daily coffee at Starbucks or with your food truck meal at an event.

An easy way to make the change from single-use plastics is by using reusable eco-friendly products that are carried with you everywhere you go.  These products can be reused and easily degrade when eventually thrown away because they are naturally biodegradable.

The awareness of single-use plastic problems is creating sustainable substitutes that come with convenience to make it easy for us to make a pledge to reduce single-use plastics and help save the turtles.

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Here are the most popular reusable eco-friendly and compact travel products to help you make the change and take that pledge


Reusable eco-friendly bamboo travel utensils and straw

Bamboo is a great sustainable alternative to plastic becoming a leading material in the eco-friendly awareness mission.  This compact travel utensil and a straw set are made from 100% bamboo with incredible durability.  There is a cleaning utensil included for the straw to extend the life of this travel set.  It even includes chop-sticks for those sushi lovers.  Eco-friendly utensil sets such as the one pictured below are meant to be reused and not disposed of like single-use plastics.  Read more about how to use bamboo in the home or even in the bathroom to continue your pledge at home and reduce indoor air pollution.

Glass with silicone sleeve 32 oz eco-friendly leak-proof water bottle

Glass water bottles are becoming very popular products to use instead of single-use plastic cups.  The glass water bottle pictured below is made extra thick with a protective silicone sleeve to reduce breaking the glass if it falls.  It is completely reusable, recyclable and can be used for any drink such as hot coffee or cold drinking water.  If you are not aware of how silicone compares to plastic you can read more about how silicone is a better alternative here.

Green BDs reusable eco-friendly grocery bags

These heavy-duty grocery bags can help eliminate the plastic grocery bags from ending up in our oceans and away from sea turtles.  They can carry up to 50lbs!  They are made from recycled canvas and cardboard.  When they have outlived their lives, these bags/boxes can be recycled again.

These 3 eco-friendly products can reduce plastic pollution in our oceans harming sea turtles around the world.  The change starts with each and every one of you.

Help Save the Sea Turtles
Help Save the Sea Turtles

There are organizations working on the ocean cleanup and it is our duty to prevent plastics from entering our oceans further by taking the no single-use plastics pledge and switching to using the products described above instead.

It just takes these 3 products to make a world a difference for our sea turtles and other marine life.  Click on the links or images above to order these products from Amazon with the best reviews and from the most reputable eco-friendly companies.

Where does my love for sea turtles come from?

You can’t truly save something and really have a passion for making this type of pledge if you have never spent time with sea life.  As simple as this pledge is, a moment of bonding with sea turtles is really needed to really take action.

I lived in Hawaii for a couple years and in that time I had a magical moment that bonded me with the sea turtles.

My first time ever snorkeling on the North Shore of Hawaii was the same day a group of sea turtles arrived on the same shore to say hello and sunbathe.  I was coming back to the shore the same time these sea turtles swam in.

It was like we came in together and this is why it felt so magical.

These sea turtles were very healthy at the time but after viewing the video above, I could not imagine these turtles experiencing the same plastic fate.

I encourage all of you to take the time to bond with the turtles as I did just by taking a nice tropical vacation and you will see how important this no single-use plastic pledge really is.