If you haven’t been using THIS natural treatment for thinner hair and to reduce red bumps while epilating, I’m afraid, you’ve been epilating all wrong.

I have been epilating for a year before discovering this natural treatment seeing the same results.  I have heard epilating can eventually stop some hair growth but I didn’t see that at all.

Tired of the ingrown hairs, red bumps, and not seeing any big changes in my leg hairs, I decided to step back from epilating and went back to shaving.  Big mistake!

My hair grew back thicker than it was before.  I would shave and my legs still felt pokey.  I started to consider laser hair removal but I couldn’t justify spending that amount of money for multiple sessions.  I also heard it was much more painful than epilating.

Epilating still made sense to achieve the smoothest legs by pulling the hair out by the roots, but why wasn’t I satisfied with the results?

I wasn’t satisfied until I found THIS natural treatment to use with my epilating routine.

Note:  If you have unusually thick hair and hair growing on your face other than peach fuzz, please read this article for more help.

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What is THIS natural treatment to use while epilating?

THIS natural treatment is a mixture of safflower oil and thanaka powder.  It’s an old ayurvedic natural remedy that I luckily found and gave it a try.

I started epilating after I took a shower, then I rubbed this mixture of safflower oil and pure thanaka powder over my legs like lotion.

Thanaka powder comes from the thanaka tree bark ground down to a fine powder (AKA tanaka powder).  This fine powder mixes well with safflower oil that is a very thin oil.  It goes on smooth and penetrates the root of the hair.

I continued using the thanaka powder and safflower oil remedy for 4 months before I really started seeing some impressive results.  Natural remedies work slowly so have patience.

After 4 months, I noticed I didn’t need to epilate as much, the hairs came out easier, and my hair was actually growing thinner.  I also have sensitive skin so those red bumps were very prominent on me.  This oil mixture reduced the red bumps tremendously after about 30-60 minutes after I rubbed it on my legs.

Some spots on my legs have grown in slower than others making me wonder if they will grow back ever again.

The fact is, the more I use thanaka powder and safflower oil with my epilating routine, the more impressed I am with the results.

Where can you find thanaka powder and safflower oil?

Where I live, I could only find these products on Amazon.  I’m sure you might be able to find them at a natural store but thanaka powder is not widely heard of in the United States.

Its main uses have been for sun protection in hot regions who practice Ayurveda as a lifestyle.  You can find ancient documentation of using thanaka powder for thinning facial hair in women.  To learn more about Ayurvedic secrets, read this article!

Shopping for thanaka powder on Amazon can be rather tricky.  Not all Thanaka powder is created equal.  There are some companies who add clay or other ingredients to be used more as a facial mask.  Thanaka powder can also be used as a facial mask just by mixing it with water and leaving it to dry for 5 minutes reducing acne and improving skin moisture.

The thanaka powder you want to use with your epilating routine is pure thanaka powder also called tanaka powder.

I use THIS 100% pure tanaka powder with great reviews and it’s also less than $10!  One bag has lasted me 6 months.  I use about 1 tsp or so to 2 tbs of safflower oil.

The safflower oil I use can be found here and is certified organic.  It’s actually an Amazon’s choice and under $15.

For under $25 you will get an all natural treatment to thinner hair on your legs (or elsewhere, give it a try!) and a significant decrease in red bumps after epilating.  Both the powder and the oil lasted about the same time of 6 months for me.

I’m going to continue using it and see if the rumors are true that THIS could lead to a natural permanent hair loss treatment.  Be sure to follow this blog to find out!

For those who have never epilated before

If you have never epilated before, the first time is painful!  It truly is, I’ll be honest.  But, after the first time, the pain gets less and less each time to eventually no pain at all.  It took about a month to be completely painless.

You also want to spend the money on a GOOD epilator.  A cheap epilator will actually hurt more and tend to cut off the hairs and not pull all of them out.  So you will see smaller hairs still left over sticking out.  That’s really annoying after spending some time epilating.

You do want to epilate slowly in different directions.  I usually go up and down and then tiny circles.  It all depends on the area and how long you have been epilating.  Epilating at first takes time until you master the routine.

The best epilator I recommend is THIS one from Braun.  It’s another Amazon’s choice with thousands of good reviews.  It can also be converted into an electric razor to use on your other hairy parts.  It’s cordless and can even be used in the shower so wet or dry.