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About Us

What is The New Health Cycle?

This site was created to inform the public of new ways to live their lives healthy and free.  Our mission is to create a new cycle of life that promotes nutrition, health education, alternative medicine, mind and body care, preventative measures in all life cycles, concerns in our environment, exercise and much more.

Upon concerns with natural and man-made causes of climate change, we will need to change and adapt in order to live healthy lives.

Learn it – Grow it – Change it – DO IT

Meet The Founder

Tiffany and her son Logan

Tiffany Gardiner – Environmental Health Advocate

Tiffany is the founder of The New Health Cycle.  Determined to make a difference in this world, she earned her Medical Laboratory Technician degree at George Washington University and gained knowledge in cytology, hematology, health chemistry, microbiology and pathology as the lead MLT at Tripler Army Medical Center.  She knew science was the key to helping people she knew best. She has extensive knowledge of metabolic processes, vaccine research and infectious diseases.

After giving birth to her son, moving back to the southwest, and continuing yoga practice knowing Ayurveda has been the missing link in Western Medicine, she now pursues knowledge in environmental science and natural remedies. Her Bachelor’s degree of science in environmental sciences was earned at the University of Phoenix in 2020. She advocates healthier change for the environment and chemical free health for the world. Researching on a global scale concerning climate change, pollution, cancer-causing agents and water contamination, she is on a mission to educate the world of the New Health Cycle for a positive change in public health and contribute to protecting ecosystems currently at risk for survival.

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