Houseplant fertilizer bought in the retail chains are an easy grab and apply for indoor houseplant care, but conventional fertilizer can cause leaf tipburn and buildup of toxins in the soil making your indoor garden look less appealing than expected. Switching to an organic houseplant fertilizer is best to keep your indoor garden looking lively and doing their job most efficiently such as purifying the air you are breathing at home.

Organic houseplant fertilizer is not as common in retail stores and sometimes get sold out quickly. Even if retail stores did have an organic houseplant fertilizer on the shelf, you might want to use something more eco friendly and can serve many purposes at home rather than just feeding houseplants. Even organic fertilizers have negative impacts on the environment being created in mass quantities.

If you have a patio garden for fruits and vegetables or maybe a pretty decent outdoor garden on some land as well as little helpers at home, we have an alternative for you that’s fun to try!

A multipurpose and eco friendly fertilizer alternative is having your own vermicompost! An indoor worm compost bin creates natures best fertilizer around while recycling food scraps and paper at home. The bulkier worm castings can be used in the vegetable garden while the compost tea generated makes a great organic houseplant fertilizer.

Be a more eco-conscious gardener with this how to start a simple worm compost bin guide!

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