The CDC advises to self isolate as long as possible to flatten the curve during the Coronavirus pandemic. We are all used to living busy lives and all of a sudden, it seems the world has changed overnight and we now feel like prisoners of our own homes and have been imprisoned by our own selves. We care about the health of those that are vulnerable and we care about our own health. We are self isolating for good causes and now that we have been behind our front doors with no end in sight it seems, it’s time to evolve.

Pandemics have a way of changing the world and triggering a movement of evolution. The evolution in us could be our minds. Our minds are not used to a sudden change on a grand scale impacting each and every person around the world. This sudden change may trigger an evolution of our minds as history shows, our brain has evolved from thinking simply to the complex critical thinking we can do today.

This grand scale change may leave our minds in worry, stress, or fear. OR, our minds can evolve to embrace the change. Embrace the time at home to be a moment of forced self improvement. A moment most of us have wanted to have but were never expecting to receive.

This is our moment to evolve our minds.

Instead of sitting in that worry, stress, or fear, people are creating new paths in their brain by sitting and reading. Reading is the best brain stimulation activity. Brain stimulation is only one of many benefits of reading. Here is a list of reading benefits during self isolation:

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves concentration and focus
  • Provides knowledge
  • Great and free entertainment
  • Develops creativity
  • Enriches the language and vocabulary
  • Books are a window to an unknown fantasy world
  • Increases the ability to empathize with others
  • Books are a good topic for conversation
  • Improves memory

An idea can start from one sentence in one book. An idea that could change your life. An idea from inspiration and provides that motivation you have been waiting for. Motivation to evolve during this change and become the person you have always wanted to be.

Reading has given me the knowledge that viral pandemics have driven many moments in human evolution throughout centuries. Reading this article has inspired me and given me the creativity to write the article I am writing today. It has given me the motivation to inspire others to help evolve their minds. It has also provided me with a sense of mental therapy while I am home self isolating. This article has given me a positive outlook to the darkness we have been seeing in the media. All of this from just one article. Now you can imagine the endless possibilities of reading more now that we have this moment in time.

Additional Mental Health Support Idea

I am reading constantly to support my mental health, but I am also getting my plant therapy with my indoor garden.

A book is like a garden carried in a pocket – Chinese Proverb

Most of our time is being spent indoors right now so my gardening focus has been indoors. This is actually a very important hobby to do while at home for your health. Indoor air pollution is a growing health concern and growing houseplants are a perfect way to remove toxins in the home and get a little nature therapy. Why not Create an indoor garden for a place to read your books.

Read this article to learn how to start an indoor garden during this time and learn more about the benefits of houseplants.

Reading Resources

I have an article recommending health books for those who would like to work on their nutrition and learn more about natural medicine like Ayurveda.

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Top 10 Ayurvedic resources: Learning the balance of life from ancient medicine

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Kindle Unlimited offers unlimited reading and unlimited listening if you prefer audiobooks. You can try your first month free here and set yourself a goal. Maybe 10 books in 30 days challenge. Read those love stories or murder mysteries to spark some excitement. Mix in some educational or inspirational autobiographies. Read to the kids. As long as you are reading, you brain is evolving during this time.

Fire HD Tablet

Reserve a special tablet for your reading and keep it in your reading garden space. Create a peaceful space for you. This is also important. Having a space to look forward to and to love provides a positive healthy feeling.