Many of us experience irregular bowel movements on a day to day basis which can be frustrating, but in my opinion as one with a connective tissue disorder (EDS), constipation is the worst and the hardest to remedy. The bloating from literally being full of sh** is uncomfortable and self esteem goes down as jeans get tighter and tighter. Luckily now my guts are not full of anything and feel ‘normal’ with this simple daily and natural drink.

Why choose lemon water

Some remedies are not natural and can have the reverse effect on your bowls leading to excessive diarrhea or don’t work for those with other health conditions. Lemon water is the safest, mildest, and most effective for my body. It can be drank daily in the morning with one lemon per 8 oz glass of filtered water. Drinking lemon water as a morning ritual has kept me regular and reduced my tummy bloat. Removing red meats and high fatty foods has also reduced that bloat and abdominal pains during metabolism. This type of diet not only helped with bowl issues but other health concerns you can read more about here.

Drinking lemon water daily does not lead to over stimulation that could cause diarrhea because it is a mild and natural remedy. Starting with a fresh lemon in the morning starts my day off feeling refreshed! Since I drink it daily, I use this lemon water bottle making drinking this so much easier!

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How does lemon water remedy work

It starts your day off hydrated. Dehydration increases your risk for constipation. Hydration is not the highlight of the lemon power. Providing your bodies cells with incredible nutrients such as vitamin C, B, and other essential minerals ‘wakes up’ your digestive tract after a full nights sleep. Late night eating especially sits in your guts solidifying without hydration essentially creating a more ‘concrete’ consistency blocking up your bowls. A boost from lemon water in the morning helps push that concrete through and drinking it daily prevents it from settling in the nooks and crannies that can lead to more chronic digestive health issues.

Lemons are acidic, but once metabolized in the body, the digested products create an alkalinizing effect on your blood system. Alkalization causes blood vessels to dilate or ‘open up’ increasing blood flow. The increased blood flow in all organs of the body allows organs such as your liver to work more efficiently at creating bile and digesting what’s in your small intestines much more efficiently.

Not only can lemon water keep constipation away, it can also keep kidney stones away!

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