Ayurveda is growing in popularity among the western world and quickly becoming the best alternative medicine practice as Americans’ desperately search for ways to live a balanced life and treat their own health concerns from home as the modern healthcare system fails to treat and prevent diseases that are easily preventable with the right resources.

Problems with health misdiagnosis, the cost for healthcare, and diseases spreading throughout the U.S. in numbers not found anywhere else in the world have led some of us on a more natural path taking their health in their own hands and finding ancient knowledge of medicine still works today.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest holistic approaches to medicine alive today.

Ayurveda can be defined as “The knowledge of life” focusing on maintaining the balance of health and preventative natural or holistic medicine.

Ayurveda originated in India among the Hindu culture and quickly spread throughout the Himalayas including Nepal who has adapted Ayurveda as their national medical system.

Himalayan herbal remedies, balanced and healthy foods, along with connecting with nature practiced in Yoga are among a few principles interwoven with the art and science of Ayurvedic medicine.  It’s no wonder those who practice yoga often learn about Ayurveda without even knowing it.

India and Nepal have some of the lowest cancer rates in the world! This is saying something for India as they are the second most populated country currently.  There could be something in that turmeric they cook with and among other things our top 10 Ayurvedic resources will tell you.

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Our top 10 Ayurvedic resources

  1. Eat Feel Fresh:  A contemporary, plant-based ayurvedic cookbook

    This cookbook is Amazon’s #1 best seller in Ayurvedic medicine.  A balance of health starts with healing the gut and eating a balanced quality food diet.  There are over 100 healing recipes inside this resource.

  2. The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook: A seasonal guide to eating and living well

    Here is another cookbook focusing on seasonal foods and more simplified ayurvedic recipes.  This cookbook can be helpful with meal planning with a new food diet for the busy westerner.

  3. The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies

    A must have Medical book to add to your library!  This home remedy book has it all for those seeking healthy natural alternatives to conventional medicine and holistic treatment options.  There are many detailed step-by-step instructions making it easy to follow.

  4. Ayurveda Beginner’s Guide: Essential Ayurvedic Principles and Practices to Balance and Heal Naturally

    The perfect guide to introduce beginners to the roots, wisdom, and techniques of Ayurveda.

  5. Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life

    Every woman needs THIS book!  Those who experience infertility issues or their yin is not in sync with their yang really benefit from the natural holistic approach of this book.

  6. Yoga For Beginners: Poses for Strength, Flexibility and Relaxation

    Here is a DVD or a video that works with Prime Video for a great introduction to practicing yoga.  This video is made for everyone and offers a good understanding of traditional yoga.

  7. Ayurveda (Idiot’s Guide)

    A resourceful book on Ayurveda with a touch of holistic humor.  Another great beginner resource to learn more about ayurvedic balance and possibly a perfect bathroom reading book to keep guests entertained 🙂

  8. Ayurveda and Panchakarma: The Science of Healing and Rejuvenation

    Learning about Ayurveda, you will stumble upon Panchakarma.  This book will help explain it in great detail but it is a method of detoxification and purification when introducing yourself to a new practice.

  9. Prakriti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution

    You can’t make big changes in your life without the discipline.

  10. Your Backyard Herb Garden: A Gardener’s Guide to Growing, Using and Enjoying Herbs Organically

    The best way to practice herbal medicine is by growing your own herb garden.  It is important to know how to grow herbs organically to continue along the path of preventative medicine and detox from harsh chemicals added to conventionally grown herbs and vegetables.

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