There are many causes for pinched nerves, but we can all agree they are aggravating and painful! Some nerves in your neck can even cause headaches. One cause for a pinched nerve are our own muscles actually irritating them. This issue often does not have a cure and can become a chronic problem. Chronic pain can lead to opioid abuse and this type of pain IS one of the reasons a Public Health Emergency has been declared on the opioid crisis.

What causes irritated nerves from muscles?

The daily grind of work or any type of workout routine can cause a muscle to become inflamed, injured, swollen, overly stretched or even have scar tissue buildup. A sit-down job can even cause tight muscles compressing on our nerves especially with those with scoliosis and muscles being pushed and pulled in places they shouldn’t be. A prior injury to a muscle that is more susceptible to recurring injury builds up scar tissue and can easily become swollen if that particular muscle is overworked. Any type of disease or illness can cause inflammation and/or swelling in tissues such as our muscles. If you have a nerve running alongside that specific muscle, the nerves get irritated in that area. The nerves send signals to our brain that there is an issue leading to pain.

One in five American adults experience chronic pain


Nerves run right along those muscles and the slightest rub the wrong way causes pain for hours, days, weeks, etc. Sometimes the pain can radiate along the nerve path. Nerves have a very thin protective coating and when compressed by something like a muscle fiber, pain can occur.

What do doctor’s usually do for muscles pinching nerves?

Muscle relaxers and pain relievers are the most popular solutions provided by doctor’s. Both are addicting and come with many side effects. They also come with long term damage on other parts of your body if used chronically. This is not a sustainable solution and contributing to the Opioid Crisis.

You can’t get rid of the muscle causing the pinch and you can’t get rid of the nerve being pinched. So what do you do for the pain? The New Health Cycle would like to break the Opioid Cycle for chronic pain caused by muscle-nerve compression and offer a more natural alternative.

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What is a more natural remedy or alternative for pain caused by muscle issues?

Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches are designed by a Japanese company and the active ingredients are made of natural ingredients such as Camphor and Menthol. Camphor is an antispasmotic and has relaxant properties.

Menthol topical (for use on the skin) is used to provide temporary relief of minor arthritis pain, backache, muscles or joint pain, or painful bruises.

The patches offer temporary relief but so do the prescription drugs we’re trying not to be addicted to without the long term side effects.

I don’t recommend trying to use these types of essential oils on your own due to the health risks that can be involved. The Camphor and Menthol are safer in this type of product. Do see our essential oils health warning and Camphor is one of the most deadliest essential oils if not used properly.