Most pharmacies do not sell anything other than super bug treatments for lice because the lice are adapting and overcoming our pesticide treatments. While we make our pesticides stronger, they are also not natural and can come with unwanted health effects.

Permethrin is the active pesticide ingredient used in most super bug lice treatments. With cancer rates in the United States increasing drastically and exposure to toxic chemicals accumulate in our environment, one study mentions:

Carcinogenic effects: The evidence regarding the carcinogenicity of permethrin is inconclusive.
Organ toxicity: Permethrin is suspected of causing liver enlargement of the liver and nerve damage. Effects
on the immune system have been noted in animal studies.

Maryland Department of Health

These study’s are conducted on animals in a controlled environment. Humans using these pesticides on children however, are not in a controlled environment. Risk increases when pesticides are exposed to mucous membranes which any mom knows is highly likely when treating children. To help give children a fighting chance at reducing future health issues, even treating lice at home can be done naturally or chemical free.

How to Treat Super Lice Bugs Naturally

Learning from my personal experiences and frustrations, here is my how to guide that will take care of the live lice bugs and the eggs. With super bugs, one treatment is not enough and these natural steps work the best.

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  • Step 1: Wash hair with regular shampoo and do not use conditioner. The conditioner can act as a barrier and prevent lice treatment from killing the bugs. Make sure hair is dry before moving to step 2.
  • Step 2: Apply homeopathic Vamousse treatment to the scalp separating hair into sections to make sure you get the whole head and spread to the ends of the hair. Use a towel on the shoulders and to cover the face. This stuff will drip. This treatment works by dehydrating the lice by removing the outer layer of their body resulting in bug death. Follow the directions on the bottle and move to step 3.
  • Step 3: The dehydration of the lice bugs may also dry out the scalp so this step has two benefits. Apply pure coconut oil to the scalp and hair or olive oil to loosen up the nits from the hair shaft. Oil also rehydrates the scalp. The olive oil is thicker and leaves hair oily longer but is used by professionals. A few extra hair washes might be needed if you have the time but coconut oil works well also. Once oil is applied, you need to use the terminator lice comb with special edges that pull the bugs and nits out of the hair. Brushing hair to remove tangles as much as possible, separate the hair into small chunks starting from the top and working down, use the terminator comb from scalp to end of hair. Each stroke, scrape the comb onto a damp paper towel. Not just any paper towel, the Viva brand paper towels don’t break up when you wipe the comb and the bugs stick to it better. I use this coconut oil for many of my beauty needs or this olive oil if you want to be like the professionals.
  • Step 4: Thoroughly wash hair brushes and combs with soap and water. If any large bugs are found, you can cut them with your nail to kill them quickly. They move really fast if they survived the treatment. The bigger ones have a tougher outside exoskeleton. These buggers also are big enough to lay all the eggs. This is what makes step 3 so important. Wash clothes in hot water and dry on hot then shower with shampoo and conditioner. Wash sheets and bedding. The Vamousse kit recommended comes with a daily shampoo to repel any new bugs.
  • Step 5: Repeat Step 3 and step 4 at least every other day until day 9. Day 9, repeat step 2 and treat with Vamousse a second time. This will kill any new lice that may have hatched from eggs that were not removed or killed before. If one egg survives or is left behind, the cycle of lice infestation starts again. Lice grow quickly and persistence is key to their death. Repeat step 3 and step 4 as many times as you desire to ensure all bugs are removed even if they are dead. You can never be too sure when dealing with super bugs.

With this 5 step how to guide, we can remedy these irritating blood sucking bugs AND reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals.