Each crop that is grown is inspected carefully by the organic gardener and time is very valuable to us all. I have watched these edible plants grow with a general organic fertilizer and grow well. BUT, after adding organic blood meal to these plants, I have watched them grow much FASTER, BIGGER and HEALTHIER.

What plants benefit from organic blood meal?

  • Leafy salad greens
  • Brassica plants
  • Herbs

Examples of leafy salad greens are your romaine, arugula, spinach, any type of lettuce. Brassica plants are your cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc. Example of herbs are cilantro, basil, and parsley. Adding blood meal to the herbs will reduce the time to bolt which is what you don’t want.

These plants are also on the list of plants that benefit your gut health. It’s nice when plants and people benefit from each other.

How to use organic blood meal in the garden?

Blood meal is all nitrogen and all natural. The best to use, free from toxic contaminants is organic such as this brand. Right now I’m growing my leafy greens in containers so I just add a couple spoon fulls to the soil and mix it in. I still use a general all purpose organic fertilizer with it because they still need more than just nitrogen throughout the growth season. If you are interested in starting a container garden, you can take a look at the progress of mine in my enclosed patio here.

For container soil, I use Organic Burpee potting mix with coconut coir. Since I add my own fertilizer and it depends on the plant how I do that, this potting mix is the perfect all around consistency and holds the right amount of moisture for all my edible container plants.

Growing outside, you will need about 1 cup per 20 square foot. The directions are on the bag how to use.

One application is usually enough to feed for the whole season but there are some heavier feeders than others. If you notice some plants are slowing down or turning a bit yellow, a pinch more blood meal a month or two later might do that plant some good.

NOTE: Fungus gnats love this blood meal too. They won’t hurt your plants but will be quite annoying so don’t worry if you notice an uptick in these little pests once you start using blood meal. Take a look at our guide to getting rid of fungus gnats for indoor plants if you’re growing in containers to help reduce this problem.

Recommended Gardening Supplies

Here are a list of the organic gardening supplies I recommend when growing these edible plants in your garden:

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