I searched long and hard to find the most comfortable yet sustainable shoes I (a nature loving mama) could find. With the desire to find the coolest playgrounds and parks with my son, walk to the best coffee shops in town, and conquer more challenging hikes for my active health goals with other strong like minded women, persistence paid off and I finally found the best shoes to fulfill my desires.

The Lems brand Trailhead shoes are hiking to town shoes made mostly with vegan and recycled materials. Now my heart feels happier every time my feet hit the earth. Staying connected to the earth, the colors of the shoe are warm earthy tones that I love! The Lems brand comes out of Boulder, Co. If you have done some hiking around Boulder and visited its charismatic Pearl Street Mall, you wouldn’t have any doubt they could confidently make the best hiking to town shoes for women.

The Lems brand also knows that women often have bunions and foot pain like myself. Prior to finding these shoes, I would have to look for wide sizes if I wanted any space for my toes to reduce that foot pain that starts about thirty minutes into any activity requiring me to be on my feet. This shoe is made wider around the toes to promote natural toe space while supporting the foot bones with a firm yet cloud like padding underneath. I have noticed an incredible amount of reduced foot pain and I have never noticed any pain where my bunions are on my feet while wearing these shoes.

These shoes are sustainable, comfortable AND stylish to still look cute when you head into town after a good hike.

Lems Shoes Looking Cute At The Playground

I get complements on these shoes everywhere I go!

They have become a great conversation starter and you’ll know right away if you find someone into similar values, thoughts, and activities as you. The sky is the limit with these shoes. If I could bring one pair of shoes with me on a camping trip or a healthy retreat anywhere in the world, these would be the ones I would pick!

Check out these shoes in more detail at the Lems Shoes website here. They have a few other styles of shoes to take a look at also, but these Trailhead style are my all around favorite!

Happy hiking and living healthy!