The winter storm of 2021 in Texas is a message to other ‘normally’ warm areas to prepare for similar unpredictable freezing weather that may bring power outages for extended periods. Experts say climate change is leading to greater dips in the polar vortex meaning arctic cold snaps extending down to climates not prepared for such dramatic freezing temperatures and the dips lasting longer and longer. This unusual cold could be the start of many more unusual freezing weather patterns for years to come. To help prepare for this potential result of climate change, we have created a list of 10 must have cold weather supplies that could save your life in the future of climate change.

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  1. 4 Seasons Tent
    • It is a lot easier to keep warm in a smaller space such as a tent that has an extra layer of insulation made for cold weather. A tent can be set up in any room of the house and this camping idea turns this emergency situation into something a little more fun for the kids.
  2. Portable Power Station
    • A little backup power station for emergency phone calls or small electric heaters could be a life saver!
  3. Tent Heater
    • Many electric heaters are out of stock so order them now so you can get them when they do become available. Electric ones are the safest and only ones with no harmful gasses like carbon monoxide in a small space and indoors. You would need the portable power station to use this electric tent heater.
  4. Sleeping Bags
    • Don’t think any old sleeping bag will keep you warm especially in arctic cold temperatures. Just like the 4 seasons tent needed, there are 4 seasons sleeping bags like this one you would need to keep your body temperature from escaping.
  5. Water
    • Most people stock up on bottles of water but there’s never enough to last through a serious emergency situation. Since you would be at home and access to the faucet or even snow outside, I recommend a water filter that also removes pathogens. Texas still had running water but it was not treated so they had to boil their water. The Berkey water filter is great for emergency situations and I use it daily in non-emergency situations for reasons explained in this article.
  6. Food
    • We have a big box of MRE’s we keep stored away with a shelf life of 5-7 years for certain meals. It’s the best way to get a variety of foods in your diet and you don’t need anything to cook it or eat it. Stored frozen meat and propane for your grill comes in real handy as well. If your kitchen stays below 41 degrees, the food in your refrigerator will still be good.
  7. Warm Weather Clothes
    • Most people who live in warmer climates rarely dress for cold weather. During a ‘normal’ winter, majority of days was warm enough for fall weather clothes. If it did get too cold, it was usually just for a night or a week and you never stayed outside too long to need full warm weather clothes. I grew up in Arizona so I know how most of us desert dwellers do. This is why it’s important to order yourself some warm weather socks, pants, boots, sweaters, and even underwear. Don’t forget if the power goes out, you won’t be putting your clothes in the washer to get them clean. Having a few extra pairs of socks and underwear is a great idea to prepare for extended cold and power outage.
  8. Hygiene Products
    • I doubt anyone will be taking a shower in freezing water so hygiene wipes, baby powder, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste help to set aside for those just in case moments in the bitter cold weather. These are the ultimate cleaning wipes to keep away for emergencies!
  9. First Aid Kit
    • During unpredictable weather, unpredictable accidents may occur. You may go outside and slip on ice, try doing something to get warmer or cook food a new way. A change to normal life always comes with risks for accidents. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I have a few great first aid kit ideas in this article.
  10. Flashlights and Batteries
    • LED tactical flashlights are the way to go for emergency situations. They are waterproof and handle anything.

We are seeing more and more unpredictable weather even during the winter more and more in the news today. Most of these supplies are selling out fast and for good reason.

There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you prepare for the worst.

Stephen King, Different Seasons

If climate change and terms like ‘global warming’ are not making much sense, our article describing what climate change is a great place to get the full picture.