Your doctor may have told you that your spine has curved into an S shape for unknown reasons causing you headaches, muscle spasms, back aches, pinched nerves and even hip pain. It may also be causing you to be less active and stop enjoying activities that you once did. Being less active actually makes the scoliosis curve even more so something must be done right away to fix your idiopathic scoliosis before it gets worse.

Fixing an S shaped spine is not easily done but can be done with dedication and patience. There are risky surgeries that can be performed but usually not an option until the scoliosis has become severe. By that time, permanent damage cannot be repaired and quality of life has diminished greatly including chronic pain (natural remedy for muscle-nerve compression). This is why, if you catch your idiopathic scoliosis early enough, natural maneuvers to practice and dedicate some time to is the best option to start.

These natural maneuvers are best demonstrated by video. So here are the best videos to demonstrate how to naturally fix your idiopathic scoliosis before it gets severe. These stretches and strength training exercise videos explain how they work and shows you exactly what to do. There is also a wonderful meditation video to watch last to ground yourself and offer you peace after all your hard work in fixing your own back.

Enjoy these videos and let us know your progress in the comments!

This first video gives you a bit of science and a simple understanding how your muscles and your spine have curved and stretches and exercises to focus on the actual curves.

The Science to fixing idiopathic scoliosis

This next video is a wonderful 25 minute yoga class you can follow exactly to support your journey to fix your S shaped spine naturally.

Strengthen your spine and stretch with yoga

This video has a few simple stretches to add to your scoliosis fixing journey.

Lastly, a bonus guided meditation video because we all know we need to take time and relax. The sound of the ocean is my personal favorite to meditate to. May this video bring you joy and may the previous videos bring you a straighter back with an end goal of getting back to your more active fun filled life with no curvy spine concerns.

Guided ocean meditation