Have you ever taken a vacation to the beach and notice after one week, your skin looks amazing! You have a bit less acne, pores are smaller, skin is smoother and brighter, it’s not oily, it’s soft, and maybe a tad bit youthful. You can thank the salt from the ocean water for this trick whether you took a dip in the ocean water or sat on the beach getting the salt from the air. Spas have discovered this trick and now use Himalayan salt stones during their facial treatments.

How does pink salt hydrate, tone and rejuvenate skin

Your skin is an organ. The largest organ in the human body and requires balance just like the inside of your body. Water flows in and out of cells through electrolytes such as sodium, chloride, and potassium. Adding electrolytes to the skin helps restore that electrolyte balance on the outside. The cells on the outside also require minerals to work properly like magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, selenium, etc. just like cells on the inside. Adding these minerals to the outside of the skin rejuvenates the cells. Think how rejuvenated a houseplant looks after a mineral rich watering with fertilizer. Once the skin has a healthy balance of electrolytes and minerals, dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess oil can be washed away from the exfoliating and antibacterial properties of salt. This will help tone your skin back to it’s more youthful state.

Why use pink salt for skincare

I talk about how Pink Himalayan Salt is beneficial for inside your body here and the same benefits apply to your skin. Regular sea salt is just evaporated ocean water removing more minerals your skin likes to feel rejuvenated. Pink Himalayan Salt is mined with no processing that would remove any of those minerals so you get the most natural minerals from pink salt.

Pink Himalayan Salt contains more electrolytes and minerals that your skin is craving. Your skin lets you know it needs these by looking less colorful, pores are wider like when your mouth opens for a bite of food, and acne is starting to get a bit much. For more natural acne help, see this natural face cleansing article.

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How do you use pink salt in your skincare routine

Since the city shower water tends to strip the electrolytes and minerals from our skin with all the toxic chemicals added to keep bacteria and parasites at bay, I use the pink salt remedy at the end of my shower and again washing my face before bed. First, I recommend adding this AquaBliss very easy to install shower water filter. Then, mix about 1/2 teaspoon of pink himalayan salt to a plastic bottle filled with 4 oz of filtered water. I recommend a small bottle like one of these so you can also use them for other natural skincare like making your own mosquito repellent from essential oils. The bottles are very inexpensive and BPA free.

I pour some of the salt water mixture in the cup of my hand and splash the water on my face. I let it sit for a minute and I add coconut oil after and rinse off. This is to make sure your skin isn’t getting too much salt and might start to get dry. The coconut oil also re-oils your skin so it doesn’t hyper produce natural oils. Just towel dry after to remove any excess oil. For those 50 and older, see this natural alternative to coconut oil that may be more beneficial to you.

Why your skin might not be getting tone

If you notice after a week or so that your pores are still open and feel extra oily still, you might be experiencing a hormone imbalance or maybe even a sluggish immune system. High testosterone in women is a growing problem and you can learn more about getting help here. If you notice your eyes are puffy also, consider a sluggish lymphatic system and try this natural way to reduce that. When the lymphatic system is slow, fluid builds up and can back up into the face when laying down at night. The skin will open up and release some of this fluid out its pores.