Ok, not literally, but how awesome would it be to have an opportunity to say ‘I poop flowers’ when you come out of the bathroom and a friend asks ‘how does it smell so good in here?’. You might not be able to make your actual poop smell like flowers with any natural remedy, but I do have a natural remedy for the toilet.

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This natural remedy for your toilet is made of plant based essential oils with floral scents you can spray right in the bowl that immediately masks your typical icky bathroom smell with a smell like flowers. The essential oils blends are made by Poo-Pourri and you can pretend you pooped tropical hibiscus or lavender vanilla if you desire.

The actual really awesome thing here is not that you’re pretending to poop flowers, BUT…

you are actually being very eco-friendly by using essential oils to be flushed down the drain into our water systems instead of harsh chemicals like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to the environment and to your personal health when the conventional air freshener is sprayed in the bathroom.


Essential oils are known to contain antibacterial properties making it exceptionally awesome to spray some of that florally oily environmentally friendly goodness on the toilet seat and wipe it away after you took care of business.

After you give Poo-Pourri a try, start to think about other ways to make your bathroom more eco friendly. Every change counts no matter how small and we have to start somewhere to create a new health cycle.

I may know your secret to pooping flowers, but none the wiser.