Have you tried all the eye creams in the world to reduce your puffy eyes in the morning and not work in the long run? Maybe they reduce your puffy eyes after you get ready in the morning but puffy eyes are still there each and every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to add chemicals to your skin that could eventually turn into contact dermatitis and just stop waking up in the morning looking like a puffed up marshmallow?

Puffy eyes happen for many reasons like allergies or not getting enough sleep. For those who may be getting older or have a desk job, the reason could be a sluggish lymphatic system. You have lymph vessels that go around your eyes and at night, laying down causing the lymph fluid to flow into the face. The only way the lymph system can move efficiently is by moving. This is why when you wake up and get moving, your puffy eyes go down. So it’s probably not the eye cream doing the job after all for those with a sluggish lymph system.

The lymph system is not pumped by the heart so for those bodies out there needed help getting their lymph system moving to reduce those uncomfortable and unsightly puffy eyes in the morning, I have 2 ways that really help!

  1. Sleep with the head raised
  2. Jump on a trampoline

Just these 2 ways can greatly reduce the swelling that is caused from laying down at night or not moving as much during the day. Here’s why these 2 easy and natural ways reduce puffy eyes in the morning.

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Sleep with the head raised

Gravity is your best friend when dealing with a sluggish lymph system causing puffy eyes. If you sleep with your head higher than your heart, the lymph fluid will stay down and not buildup in your face. This is so easy to do but most of us are used to sleeping flat. Well, change up your sleep routine by letting the forces of nature help you out.

Here is a pillow wedge that I use at night.

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Trust me, sleeping on a few pillows pilled on each other does not work the same as a pillow wedge. My family also uses it when the kids are sick to prevent fluid building up in their lungs.

Jump on a trampoline

Jumping really gets the lymph system flowing. Like I said before, the heart is not pumping this fluid like it can blood. A good bounce is another way to use natural gravity and the laws of physics in your favor. There is much more energy being applied to the lymphatics compared to walking around.

Turns out a job on your feet all day walking is not as good as jumping. The lymph system needs more energy and power. Your eyes will thank you in the morning after you start a steady jumping daily routine.

A simple personal trampoline will do the trick!

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You can reduce puffy eyes naturally by using the forces of nature in your favor.

A sluggish immune system from lack of continuous high energy throughout the day could be the reason for your swollen face and eyes.

Laying down flat at night causes lymph fluid to settle in the face.

A wedge pillow and a personal trampoline may be all you need to reduce those puffy eyes and reduce your chemical exposure on your skin from eye creams.