Most of us have felt the afternoon crash.  It is an extreme feeling of fatigue that hits around the same time in the afternoon usually after lunch time.  Many of us also just assume that it’s normal to feel tired after eating and continue dealing with the afternoon crash.

What if I told you that it’s not normal and there is an easy way to get more energy in the afternoon? 

Certain foods most definitely contribute to the dreaded afternoon crash but it can also be a combination of thyroid problems as well as stress hormone imbalances.  These are most common in women but men can be affected by the trifecta of food, thyroid, and stress as well.

Before I tell you how to easily get more energy in the afternoon, It’s best to find the root cause and determine what foods are affecting you, if you have an autoimmune thyroid problem as well as stress hormones off balance.  You can learn more about these 3 health problems and what to do about them in this article.

While you’re waiting to address those 3 problems, there are 2 very easy lifestyle adjustments you can do today for more energy in the afternoon:

  • Drink coffee right before you expect an afternoon crash
  • Exercise in the evening before dinner 

So easy right!

Most of us have the habit of waking up with coffee and that’s how we start our day.  Those with an afternoon sleepy crash tend to drink more caffeine continuously throughout the day.   The problem with this is having trouble getting a good nights sleep.

Not getting a good nights sleep will affect your thyroid and stress hormones and you’ll end up stuck in that trifecta of health problems.

Those with the afternoon crash often report feeling more tired in the afternoon compared to when they first wake up.  So if you can simply wake up from a shower in the morning and wait to drink your coffee until the afternoon, you might be able to make it through the day better than before.

Caffeine later in the day may cause you to have trouble sleeping on time.  This is where the exercise later in the day becomes important.  Cardio for just 15 minutes can burn out that caffeine in your body and should allow you to get a good nights sleep.

It really doesn’t matter what type of workout you prefer as long as it’s intense enough to get your blood moving.

If you do find out that your thyroid is under-active such as in hypothyroidism, this added drink in the afternoon might give you an energy boost as well!

If you also find out you have an imbalance in your stress hormones.  Finding a balance is very important and these resources are very useful in finding that balance.

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If you’re looking for a new coffee drink to try, I recommend an espresso drink with coconut water.  Espresso is stronger than regular coffee beans but a healthier natural alternative to energy drinks or coffee that contains sugar and dairy. Coconut water will give you a nice electrolyte balance and make sure you are hydrating while you’re getting your caffeine energy burst.

This is a new drink that I’ve noticed is flying off the shelves at the store.  I now order them from Amazon and recycle the cans.  The flavor tastes much more like chocolate but it is not flavored.  I never liked the taste of coconut water so trying this was a bit scary.  The flavor of this drink was a pleasant surprise!

There are many other ways to get your caffeine that are more eco friendly as well as minimally processed but this recommendation is a good start to try switching from energy drinks or coffee with many unhealthy additives.

Give it a try and comment with your results!  Happy Healthy Living!