If you recently had a CT Scan with Iodine contrast and later or the next day woke up with serious neurological symptoms such as eyesight problems, walking troubles, weird tingling in fingers and legs, and speech or memory problems, you may have just experienced a thyroid storm.

A thyroid storm will present with neurological symptoms and other symptoms as well, but the most common underlying cause for a thyroid storm after receiving Iodine during a CT Scan is an autoimmune disease of the thyroid known as Graves’ Disease.

People often have Graves’ Disease for years and never know it.  It’s a slow autoimmune attack of your thyroid.  TSH levels may be lower than average but still above the critical low level causing the disease to go undiagnosed for years.  If you also identify multiple thyroid nodules during a neck CT Scan, this is also a signal to get tested for possible Graves’ Disease.

Thyroid nodules can remain benign for many years as well.  A sudden burst of iodine may activate them. During the time of a thyroid storm, it is best to limit your iodine intake for about 2 months.  This is how long, roughly, it takes for the iodine contrast medium to be eliminated from your body.  Iodine is commonly found in table salt, sushi rolls (seaweed), and dairy products.  Those foods are the highest in iodine content.

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Potassium has a strong affinity to iodine.  I found taking this potassium supplement removed the iodine content in my body much faster.  Do consult your physician if you suspect a thyroid concern and when introducing new supplements that may contraindicate with other medications or medical conditions.

After my thyroid storm and years of undiagnosed thyroid disease.  An online thyroid panel I ordered without a doctors order may have saved my life from future events.  The results can be given right to your primary care to evaluate.  The link to order the thyroid panel is below.  It is very easy to order and you can fax the order from the website to your closest Quest facility to get your blood drawn.  I found it very easy and sometimes cheaper than going to the primary care to order a thorough thyroid panel test.

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The Thyroid-stimulating Immunoglobulin (TSI) lab test is the most specific for autoimmune Graves’ Disease.  It is ordered separate and worth knowing for sure.  The thyroid panel can give physicians an idea on different thyroid conditions to check for and is also dependent on time of day as well as diet, but the TSI is your best option.

The Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody (TPO) is another useful thyroid lab test for another autoimmune thyroid disease.  This lab test is more specific to Hashimoto’s and mostly causes hypothyroidism.  The iodine in the contrast may make Hashimoto’s feel sick if it’s too much iodine at once.  Both autoimmune thyroid testing is beneficial for those who suspect a thyroid problem and not diagnosed yet.