Need a gift for a gardening loved one but don’t know much about gardening?  We got you covered with the most loved garden gift ideas that will have your gardening friend jumping for joy.

Here are our top 10 most loved garden gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to any gardener:

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1. Snip n Drip Irrigation System

If your garden friend doesn’t have an irrigation system yet, they will likely jump out of their seat in joy for this one!  It is our best soaker irrigation recommendation that will save any gardener time in the garden.

2. Dirt!

Yes I said dirt!  A gardener never has enough soil and rarely buys the best soil as it tends to be a bit pricier.  Anyone has a hard time spending money on dirt.  This dirt or garden soil can be used indoors or outdoors and has all the best ingredients already in it for the best drainage and organic fertilizer to keep their plants thriving.  FoxFarm is the luxury of soil brands and you will be amazed how excited a gardener will get over a bag of dirt!

3. Raised Garden Bed for Herbs

This garden bed is another one of our bests!  It offers a ton of benefits and one that makes it a great gift is that it is decorative to fit into any patio decor or any indoor decor as it can also be used with indoor gardens.  Gardeners try to save money by building their own garden beds so the perfect gift is a nice high quality raised garden bed they have always wanted.

4. The GIIXER 1000W Plant Grow Light

To grow indoors all year round is any gardeners dream.  Some who have never grown with a grow light are not sure which is the best indoor plant grow light.  Get them started with the best!  This plant grow light comes with all the hanging hardware to place anywhere inside, it’s big enough to fit the previously recommended raised garden bed planter and powerful enough to grow anything.  The settings can be adjusted and the 50,000 hour use should last your garden friends for many many years.  The full spectrum LED light is the closest to the sunlight that a grow light can get.

5. Garden Bucket Tool Organizer

I’m sure you’re thinking that your gardener probably has a tool belt or something for their garden tools, but this tool organizer that attaches to the garden bucket is actually much safer to use and is pretty handy.  A bucket is usually used to carry extra tools anyhow as well as seeds, dirt, and plants.  Instead of bending and possibly stabbing yourself in the gut with a garden tool, the bucker organizer is the best choice for garden organizing.  Your gardening friend will likely say, “this is a great idea!”

6. Stackable Planter Garden Tower

Vertical gardening is a rather new concept for some gardeners.  This garden tower gets gardeners started and excited about vertical gardening and self watering down the tower.  Every gardener wants new planter designs to try!

7. Grow Bags

Grow bags might not be exciting to you but for a gardener who might be thinking to go eco friendly in their garden, this is a great gift!  Gardeners love trying new garden techniques and this one is biodegradable and offers some new benefits that other planters don’t offer.  They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to choose from.

8. Garden Stand-Up Weeder

This stand-up weeder tool goes along with the eco friendly idea in gardening.  It makes removing weeds safe for everyone and easy on the back!  Gardeners love this tool!  See our other eco friendly garden tools also!

9. Rain and Garden Boots

This is the ultimate can’t go wrong gift.  If the boots don’t fit or your friend doesn’t like them to wear, a gardener is more than likely to repurpose them as a cute planter on the patio.  Most women gardeners think these boots are adorable and trendy so be sure and get the right size!

10. An Exotic Plant!

We saved the best for last!  The most sought for exotic plant by gardeners is the exotic banana plant.  These plants grow quickly and the dwarf varieties can be kept indoors making them the coolest exotic plants to care for the wintertime.  The Dwarf Cavendish Banana is the most popular as its most similar to the yellow banana in store but the size of the plant is much more manageable.  See how to care for Dwarf Cavendish Banana Plants indoors here.