Living in a hot and dry climate while trying to grow a beautiful and lush decorative or edible fruit and vegetable garden can be challenging without the right water system.

Living in Arizona with some of the hottest and dryest of climates in the United States, I have learned a thing or two about proper garden watering techniques while practicing water conservation.  Water in the desert is a valuable natural resource and people living here know one drop need not be wasted.

After a few years of gardening in the desert, I have found the best drip irrigation system I would like to recommend to my fellow gardeners to try out for themselves.  I will also offer a few watering tips for beginners and explain the benefits of THIS drip irrigation system that I love so much!

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What is the BEST drip irrigation water system for hot and dry climates?

The best irrigation system I found to keep my plants in Arizona from drying up in the hot, dry summer is the Snip-n-Drip Soaker System by Garden Supply Company.  

Easy snip-n-soak water irrigation
Easy snip-n-soak water irrigation

Here’s why I think the Snip-n-Drip Soaker System is the best water irrigation system and the benefits it offers:

  • Very easy to set up!  Just cut (snip) the hose and apply the fittings.  Done!
  • Only the roots receive the water
  • Very customizable to most in-ground gardens AND above ground planters
  • Easily attaches to a programmable hose faucet timer (Here’s the best timer I use and most popular among fellow gardeners).
  • Offers HIGH-efficiency water conservation up to 80% LESS water than sprinkler systems.  The soaker hose delivers water right to the ground level reducing water evaporation and runoff.
best drip irrigation soaker for garden
best drip irrigation soaker for garden

After years of gardening, you learn a few watering do’s and don’ts and you also want to spend less time watering and more time collecting fruits and vegetables!  After adding the programmable hose faucet timer and this snip-n-drip soak system, my watering time is close to “0 minutes” if you don’t count the time spent adjusting the timer with changing the weather.  Now I have more time keeping the bugs away, pruning, fertilizing, supporting, and just watching my garden grow.  Garden pictures and watching the progress is the best!

What are the do’s and don’ts of watering in a garden during hot and dry climates leading to the discovery of the BEST irrigation system?


  • Water at the roots
  • Water enough to keep the soil moist but not too dry and not too wet
  • Adjust watering times and intervals depending on the weather, plant specifications, and if mulch and compost are added (conserve more water by adding mulch and compost leading to less watering).


  • Water the leaves.  They will burn in the sunlight.
  • Water during the day when the sun is high in the sky
  • Overwater or underwater

These do’s and don’ts can become rather tricky.  Using an irrigation system takes some adjustments at first to find the perfect watering times and intervals, but after you figure it out, the gardening life becomes so much easier!

Starting out as a beginner gardener, I did learn the hard way of watering plants.  I have burnt many leaves, caused leaf mold, and was just not successful as a beginner especially in Arizona.  This is why expert gardeners offer their advice because it is the advice we wish we had in the beginning.

This Snip-n-Drip Soaker System prevents most of the beginner watering problems for gardeners.  After I customize the hoses the way that I want, I let the water flow and keep an eye on when the water starts to puddle up.  The first sign of puddling tells me to shut off the water.  That means the soil is saturated and I can wait a bit before the next watering.

Checking the signs of good plant health and keeping an eye on the irrigation system for the first time use is the most work you’ll put into watering your garden.  It is much less work than watering with a hose yourself being careful not to touch the leaves, not to have the water on too high kicking up the soil on the leaves or exposing the roots to the heat.

This irrigation system is a slow and gentle watering system preventing splashes or any soil movement.  It truly is the BEST in this Arizona gardener’s eyes.

Added Gardening Tips!

  • Reduce chlorine, arsenic, chromium, and other toxic chemicals in your garden, THIS garden hose filter can also be added to this irrigation system easily!
  • For raised garden beds, don’t forget the BEST organic potting soil!
  • Keep animals off your irrigation system even pets by burying the hose under the mulch or soil and adding cayenne pepper to the exposed tubing.
  • Learn more about why you should never use straight tap water in your garden.

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