I have always been a multivitamin taking mother trying all the healthy trends to stay active and keep up with my little boy who has more energy than any gamma-ray burst!  Moms of boys know exactly what I’m talking about!  I haven’t noticed any real changes in a multivitamin until after taking the Ritual Vitamin.  So here’s my positive review on the changes in my body that were very noticeable in only three months.

I give anything three months time to make a full judgment.  Your body takes time to adjust to anything new and by then, your body has made all new blood cells.  These new blood cells need to adjust to the new nutrients provided by the Ritual Vitamin and should be very healthy with all the blood supporting nutrients the multivitamin offers.  Three months was the perfect amount to make a healthy review of the Ritual Vitamin and did show these 10 positive changes in my body:

  1. Reduced Leg Pain

  2. Reduced Muscle Spasms

  3. Increased Muscle Endurance

  4. More Focus and Mental Clarity

  5. Reduced Windedness

  6. Quicker Motility

  7. Reduced Redness in Skin and Youthful Glow

  8. Easier to Fall Asleep

  9. Reduced Numbness and Tingling

  10. More Feeling Normal

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Reduced Leg Pain

Going to the grocery store was beginning to be very painful to walk.  I notice more pain at the grocery store as that’s the place a mom spends a lot of time walking around.  Maybe I spend more time walking around the grocery store from forgetting a few things and throwing out my shopping list when kids are becoming distracting?  Well, the Ritual Vitamin either reduced my leg pain by supporting my bone, muscle, and blood health, or I didn’t walk around as much from the mental clarity boost!  Either way was a positive experience for me!

Reduced Muscle Spasms

Overexertion of muscles can cause muscle spasm as well as malnutrition and low electrolytes.  I find it highly possible that I had a magnesium deficiency and didn’t even know it until taking this multivitamin!

Increased Muscle Endurance

Muscle Endurance is a must when you’re chasing gamma-rays around the house!  My little gamma-ray is what I have nick-named my son.  There were quite a few times on the Ritual Vitamin that I could run around the playground much longer than I did before.  This was a HUGE plus as the playground is our own happy universe.

More Focus and Mental Clarity

I’ll be honest, my memory was getting very bad.  Not only did I forget things at the store to buy, but I would also walk up the stairs at home and have to go right back down after forgetting something.  This up and down stair thing would happen at least 5 different occasions throughout the day…if not more.  It was ridiculous and I hate the stairs.  After three months, it happened much less.  I could also read more without losing my focus.  You need this if you’re going to teach your own kids to focus and read.  I needed this badly!

Reduced Windedness

Again, the stairs.  I mostly hated them because I would be winded from them every time I would have to climb them.  This happens when your blood doesn’t have the right amount of nutrients to support oxygen delivery.  Finally, I could breathe!

Quicker Motility

Those gamma-rays are quick!  They were also quicker than I was.  I lost at “tag” every time.  I’m not even overweight, but I needed those quick reflexes especially when I see a ball going flying in the air aimed at the china cabinet.  I caught a few of those balls after three months and I was quick to throw the balls back outside where they belong.

Reduced Redness in Skin and Youthful Glow

The vitamin E is a great antioxidant and I noticed a little skin difference over the three months.  Not much, but a little.  Enough to see the dark circles go away and more natural skin color come through.  I also noticed the redness in my face, neck, and chest reduced.  I’m not sure exactly the reason for my reduced redness, but the multivitamin I was taking before contained 100% niacin and the Ritual Vitamin does not.  Niacin can cause redness in the skin.  This would explain why it went away and I didn’t feel like I missed not having the niacin at all. Less is truly more with the Ritual Vitamin.

Easier to Fall Asleep

I used to be tired all day, having no motivation to move more than I had to, then bedtime came and I would just toss and turn.  Now, I find I can lay down and fall asleep in less than ten minutes.

Reduced Numbness and Tingling

I’m going to thank Omega 3’s for this positive change.  I noticed a greatly reduced amount of numbness when sitting in a position for a longer period of time.  I found it weird before when I would lay my head on my hand supported by my elbow for only a few minutes would cause my hand to go numb in some of the fingers and cause tingling in my hand.  I didn’t think anything of it other than I guess I just need to avoid sitting that way but I do it anyhow and did notice a reduction in that feeling.  This is a good thing because that was just an annoying sensation and I could never feel comfortable sitting in any position.

More Feeling Normal

The best positive review of the Ritual Vitamin is feeling more normal.  These positive changes will grow and keep making me feel more normal the longer I have the right nutrients my body needs.  In a weird way, I feel normal being able to keep up with the gamma-rays 😉

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Do see our Ritual Vitamin Ingredient Medical Facts to understand more about how the ingredients are working inside your body to provide positive results like mine.  Give them a try and let us know how you’re doing.  Thanks for stopping by!

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