The sushi eating trend is increasing in North America to include the delectable edamame soybean treat before the main course.  Not only are American’s discovering how yummy edamame found at sushi restaurants are, but they are discovering THIS one incredible health benefit to eating more soybeans.  This health benefit provided by edamame is of particular interest to women who are postmenopausal.  Here’s why…

Get your phytoestrogens from edamame

Advances in medical research concerning women and breast cancer have demonstrated a significant decrease in breast cancer risk when women consume more soy products.  My favorite soy product happens to come at a sushi restaurant and edamame is just so fun to eat especially with the grandkids.

According to The Women’s Healthy Eating and Living Study involving women previously diagnosed with breast cancer:

Those who consumed the most soy products cut their risk of cancer recurrence or mortality in half – Physicians Committee

The reduction in risk from soybeans is all thanks to the phytoestrogens contained inside the beans.

Phytoestrogens are found in a variety of plant foods but a specific phytoestrogen called isoflavones are found in soy.  Isoflavones found in soy are especially beneficial to women postmenopausal or typically over the age of 50 on average.

In general, isoflavone intake appears to have a greater protective impact on later breast cancer recurrence and mortality among postmenopausal breast cancer patients, compared to premenopausal breast cancer patients. – Breast Cancer Prevention Partners

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Of course, edamame is not the only soybean source for phytoestrogens.

A surgical oncologist by the name of Mohammed Keshtgar, BSc, MBBS, FRCSI, FRCS (Gen), PhD, has created a wonderful cookbook based on the latest medical research centered around breast cancer that includes phytoestrogen foods in the diet.

The Breast Cancer Cookbook can be found on Amazon and is one of a kind.  The book has amazing reviews and often bought as a gift for a friend or family member recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

And, yes!  There’s an edamame recipe in there for my edamame lovers out there.

What other breast cancer prevention methods are out there?

The best way to start breast cancer prevention is to take a test for breast cancer risk.  There is an easy at-home test kit available by True Health Labs called the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment.

This test is saving lives and more information about the breast cancer risk assessment can be found here.

The assessment gives you exact levels of the risk happening inside your body and offers healthy natural alternatives to lower your risk based on your results.  This is especially helpful if you already have a family member previously diagnosed with cancer increasing your genetic risk.

The alternatives recommended based on your results are also included in The Breast Cancer Cookbook.  Just following the cookbook can truly make life easier to reduce breast cancer risk.