You may have tried not washing your hair to reduce oil build-up and start your natural hair care journey only to find that hasn’t worked for you and the oil just keeps building and building along with your frustrations.  I know!  This happened to me too!

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*After much experimenting with every natural remedy and natural shampoo, I have finally found the secret that actually works to reduce oil build-up and allows you not to wash your hair with for a few days.*

Let me explain the potential reasons why not washing your hair as much has not reduced your oil build-up.

It almost seems those other articles telling you not to wash your hair as much to reduce oil have lied to you!  The truth is, they haven’t, it only works for women who have normal hormone levels in their bodies.

Did I say hormones?  What do hormones have to do with oil build-up?

A LOT actually!  If you’re like me and had no idea you had a hormone imbalance, trying to get rid of the oily greasy hair problem is going to be a struggle.

Androgens are the hormones that attach to your oil glands and cause them to produce oil.  If you have too many of these androgens, you will have an excess of oil.  Not washing your hair for a few days at a time will not stop the excess oil in this case.

What hormones are androgens?

  • Testosterone
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
  • Androstenedione (A4)
  • Androstenediol (A5)
  • Androsterone
  • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

Both women and men have these hormones in their bodies just at different levels.  High testosterone is the leading hormone that could be driving you mad with oily hair and skin as well as unwanted facial hair.

Anyone of these hormones could be high or all of them to cause overactive oil glands.

Another reason that could cause excessive oil production in your hair is high cholesterol.  High cholesterol is often found in women who have an imbalance in their hormones, unhealthy diet or it could be caused by your cholesterol genetics.

Cholesterol is how androgens are carried in your body so it’s no wonder high cholesterol, high androgens, and high oil production goes hand in hand.

Some of these reasons that could be causing your excess oil build-up may not be able to be fixed or could take years.

There is hope! 

My secret to dealing with oily hair naturally (even if you have the health problems discussed above) is with organic arrowroot powder.

How do you use organic arrowroot powder?

These are the hair washing steps I used to include arrowroot powder and to reduce oil build-up in my hair:

  1. Wash your hair with your choice of natural shampoo and conditioner (Here is my favorite natural brand!)
  2. Finish with apple cider vinegar rinse. (This helps bring added nutrients, pH balance, treat dandruff, and remove any excess gunk) NOTE: You can skip this step if you’re using my favorite brand mentioned above.
  3. Let hair dry or blowdry (This is my favorite no damage supersonic fast-drying best hairy dryer)
  4. Sprinkle organic arrowroot powder on roots and comb through (avoid your natural split so it doesn’t look dusty)
  5. Take a shower the next day but just rinse your hair with water (no shampoo, no conditioner, only water rinse).
  6. Let dry again and apply organic arrowroot powder.
  7. Take another shower the next day again with no shampoo, no conditioner, only water rinse. (do wash your body though and face)
  8. Let dry again and apply organic arrowroot powder.
  9. On the 4th day, I start over with this routine with shampoo, conditioner, and apple cider vinegar.
  10. Apply organic arrowroot powder after hair dries again.
  11. Added step if you don’t have a shower or bath water filter.  This is a must for natural hair care.  Read about bath and shower filters here.

I apply the arrowroot powder every day.  The powder is a very light and soft powder similar to baby powder but more silky and less cancer.  If you haven’t heard of the lawsuit with Johnson & Johnson baby powder, you should read it.

Watch my how to video on how to apply the arrowroot powder:

The arrowroot powder collects the oil throughout the day and hides it in its powder.  This is why you rinse it out every day with just water.  I usually only go 3 days between washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner but if you want to try to go longer, let me know how it goes!  My hair feels like it could go longer without washing but I just can’t go past 3 days, especially during the summer.

The powder also offers other benefits like volume.  Women with oily hair often struggle with volume as well.  After I brush my hair with the powder in the roots, my hair gets more fluffy.  I love it!  It’s not stuck to my head in oil anymore and it feels silky soft when I put my fingers through it.

You have to try it!  

Now that you know how to not wash your hair as much and reduce oil build-up, you might want to test your hormone levels if you haven’t already to know if that is the reason for your excess oil or not.

Do let your doctor know about your concerns or you can take this easy at-home lab test to get a snapshot of your androgens and other hormones.  It’s just peace of mind to know right now.

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