Women start and stop taking birth control to try a better method that works for them such as the depo shot, different pill, NuvaRing, IUD, etc. This is very common and hormone imbalance has become more common as well.

Changing or stopping birth control methods can send your hormones out of whack or they just temporarily relieved the imbalance and is now back after you stopped.

Every woman is different and temporary relief from the root cause of your hormone imbalance before taking birth control can cause more harm than good the longer the root cause goes untreated.

Some women who are on birth control for a long time and suddenly stop might end up with a condition called post-pill amenorrhea.  Your body might not be able to adjust to the change in hormones and just not produce them causing no period for a long time.

The point is, mixing synthetic hormones with your own natural hormones then suddenly stopping can really send your hormones out of whack.

Most women know when their hormones are out of whack from extreme PMS symptoms, temperature fluctuations, sweating, acne, fatigue, headaches, depression, etc.  If you experience a change after quitting your birth control method, you should consult your doctor (I recommend this online naturopathic doctor if you don’t have one yet).

Finding the time to see your doctor does become a problem for most women.

There is another solution to test your own hormones at home and is actually a more reliable lab test than the typical blood tests ordered from your doctor.

True Health Labs offers an at home hormone saliva test that will test your “free” hormones rather than the “bound” hormones that are often tested in blood.  The “free” hormones are actually what is performing actions in your body.  The “bound” hormones in a blood test are inactive.

Both tests give an idea about hormone levels but the saliva test for “free” hormones are the most important to measure.  When you stop birth control and want to conceive or just don’t want to use birth control anymore, you need to know what the active hormones are doing.  Either they’re doing too much or too little.

Thousands of women find the at home hormone saliva test very easy to do, you just spit in a container and mail it back with their free shipping label.  Women who find out what their hormones are doing can finally take an active role in their own health and seek the help that works for their own bodies.

Learn more about ordering lab tests online without a doctor to see more benefits available to you.