Your doctor may have told you that your eustachian tube has dysfunctioned causing you pain, dizziness (vertigo), fluid in the middle ear, chronic ear infections, and a multitude of frustrations.

To find out if you have a eustachian tube dysfunction, if not told by a doctor yet, you can easily plug your nose and blow.  The ear that has the dysfunction will not pop at all and just feel even more full or plugged up.

Fixing eustachian tube dysfunction is not an easy fix and chronic eustachian tube dysfunction will only cause other ear problems if the dysfunction is not fixed right away.  This is why I’m here to show you 4 videos that finally fixed my eustachian tube dysfunction with natural maneuvers most medical doctors do not know about.

Eustachian tube dysfunction can be fixed with risky procedures.  There are natural alternatives you can easily fix it yourself from home.

These natural maneuvers found in these 4 videos work best done together and as many times as you need to fix your eustachian tube dysfunction for good.  I will tell you that you may still have pain for about a week after the dysfunction is fixed and you may experience a lot of drainage.

This is a good thing and a sign your eustachian tube is finally fixed!

Another good sign that your eustachian tube is finally fixed is by plugging your nose and blowing again.  If it pops like normal your eustachian tube is fixed!

You may only need to see 1 of these videos if your eustachian tube recently dysfunctioned, but for chronic dysfunctions, do watch all 4.  The longer the time of the dysfunction, the harder it is to fix.

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Enjoy these 4 videos!

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