A lab test not commonly ordered, but should be, is the heavy metals lab test.  Why should heavy metals be tested in our blood?

What are the heavy metals?

There are good heavy metals that we need for optimal health and there are bad heavy metals that cause cell toxicity as they accumulate in our blood.

Good heavy metals are:

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Cobalt
  • Selenium

These heavy metals are only good if we get the right amount in our food and water.  Too much can also be toxic.

Bad heavy metals are:

  • Cadmium
  • Chromium
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Mercury

Heavy metals interrupt can cause damage to cells, proteins, nucleic acid, membranes, and lipids.  Essentially disrupting many vital processes in the human body.

This destruction leads to oxidative stress increases the risk of many types of cancers making these 5 heavy metals, deadly.

How are you exposed to heavy metals?

Understanding where heavy metals are found and how you become exposed to the bad heavy metals can help you reduce heavy metal toxicity in your body.

Bad Heavy metals are found:

  • Drinking water (city tap water, spring water, well water, etc.)
  • Various food sources including healthier choices such as fruits and vegetables
  • In the air

Bad heavy metals occur naturally in the soil where water run-off can cause increased levels of bad heavy metals as well as mining, fracking, and other industrial processes leading to contamination.

Heavy metal contamination news stories

Reading health warnings in the news can be fake news or real news.  In the case of heavy metal contamination, there have been many very real health warnings.

These news stories are not the only stories found exposing public health concerns of heavy metal poisoning.  Heavy metals are found nearly everywhere and American’s are being exposed to multiple sources leading to deadly accumulation levels over time.

This accumulation, as well as other environmental toxins circulating through life cycles, could be the reason for increased cancer rates around the world.

The essential heavy metals lab test

Mineral and heavy metal blood tests are available to order online or you can discuss with your doctor to order the test for you.

Heavy metal blood tests are not commonly ordered by physicians unless a specific exposure incident occurred.  As you can see from our research, screening is needed for optimal health and heavy metal toxicity is a major public health concern due to accumulation in our environment.

A major contamination event does not need to take place to be experiencing toxic levels of heavy metals.

The mineral and heavy metal blood lab test will tell you how much good and bad heavy metals are in your blood.  Remember, good heavy metals can be bad too with similar oxidative reactions if there’s too much accumulation in your blood.  It is good to test for both good and bad heavy metals in this way.

Lab tests can be the start of getting your health back on track and creating a new health cycle for yourself.  Read other benefits to ordering your own lab tests online.

Be sure to bookmark this page when we update it with natural solutions for heavy metal detox. Identifying heavy metal levels in your body is the first step.

The majority of heavy metal contamination comes from drinking water.  To avoid any contamination through drinking water, be sure to filter your water with a good carbon filter and read how I removed arsenic from my bottled water for filter ideas.