For a woman, terrible acne and facial hair can be traumatizing to her self esteem.  Women are relying on expensive acne treatments, laser hair removal, and therapy sessions to help them through their acne and facial hair struggles.

These treatments are only temporary and do not treat the possible root cause for acne and facial hair in many women.  For most, the root cause could be high testosterone levels.

Yes!  Women also produce testosterone in their bodies just at lower levels than men.

There are many reasons why a woman could be dealing with acne and facial hair but identifying high testosterone levels is often underlooked.  People are quick to buy into the infomercials and “miracle treatments”.  These miracle treatments may work but you become dependent on them as they may be masking your real problem, high testosterone.

Before investing in chemical treatments for acne or facial hair that could harm you in the long term, try testing your testosterone levels first.  If you do have high testosterone levels, talk with your doctor about ways to lower testosterone.

You can request testosterone testing from your primary care physician.  If you don’t have one, no insurance, wait times are too long (you want to know now!), or your doctor simply does not agree and won’t order the test, you can now order a testosterone lab test online.  

True Health Labs has an extensive lab database to order without needing a doctors approval.  A one-time testosterone test will cost you under $70.  You simply order the test online here and find a patient service center (Lab Corp) to draw your blood.  The test ordering page has a patient service center lab finder function for you.  You get a lab requisition e-mailed to you that you will take to the lab to draw your blood.  Then just wait a few days to get the results in your e-mail.

Don’t spend the money in guesswork trying to figure out what is causing your acne and facial hair.  Lab testing reveals so many answers and is now at your fingertips.

For additional women hormone testing that includes testosterone as well as estrogen, progesterone, and a few others related to woman health, take a look at this test panel online.  It is actually complete at home saliva test that you will receive in the mail and return it with the prepaid shipping label.  test results take about a week.  The saliva test has more variability in error but it’s easy and if your hormones are really out of normal levels, it will let you know.

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