There are many resources available to learn Ayurveda, but THIS book contains a complete guide to natural home remedies for over 120 health conditions written by a man from India, the heart of ancient Ayurveda, who has devoted his entire life to share the secrets contained in natural ancient medicine practiced today.

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What is THIS book of the most effective natural home remedies?

Dr. Vasant Lad’s Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies has been featured on Healthline as a book that shines a light on alternative medicine.

He founded the non-profit Ayurvedic Institute located in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he still teaches today.

His mission continues to help bring natural medicine knowledge to America through ayurvedic teaching.  I’m continuing his legacy by spreading his knowledge to you.  There is much to learn but the benefits are unlimited compared to the conventional medical practices America currently uses.

What can you expect to learn in THIS book?

  • Learn about your personal body type and the natural path that can work for you.
  • Learn how to gain balance that may help prevent future ailments.
  • Learn the health benefits of herbs, food, essential oils, yoga, and meditation.
  • Easy how-to-follow instructions for many common conditions.
  • Safety and efficacy of natural home remedies from 5,000 years of ancient wisdom.

What you will learn in his book comes right from the source of the ancient medical practice of Ayurveda.  Dr. Lad has been living in America long enough to discover how to communicate these ancient secrets in a language easy for all of us to understand.  He also understands precautions that need to be taken when mixing Ayurvedic natural medicine practices with conventional practices and medicine.

I have previously discussed the warnings of essential oils and other home remedies to be mindful of before practicing natural medicine.  These warnings are why it is so important to learn from the best resource out there.

Both medical practices can be practiced together with ease as long as you know how Ayurveda and conventional medicine can be safely practiced.

My personal Ayurveda story

My practice started with learning yoga.  I was fortunate enough to learn Ashtanga yoga in Hawaii from an experienced yoga instructor who earned her teaching certificate from India.

I practiced with her for a year before venturing out to other classes for comparison.  I felt learning from someone who was taught in the heart of India offered more to the class than others learning from instructors in America.  The class had history and wisdom.  The instructor catered to each person individually to improve their practice with their own body.  Every person is different.

I could feel the class came from thousands of years of ancient knowledge passed down.  I did not feel this from any other class I went to.  Other instructors and classes made me feel like I was just another person coming to the class and will be gone an hour later or I was just another $20 for attending.

From this journey with yoga, I knew learning from the teachers who have learned from ancient gurus in other countries like India was the best way to help me.  I knew this was the best way and so I began teaching Ashtanga yoga while in the military to soldiers and friends and family at home.

Over the years, I have slowly incorporated foods recommended in Ayurveda as well as replacing many conventional medical practices with natural home remedies.

If I want to learn something new, I look to the gurus who have learned from the ancient gurus before them of Ayurveda.  I then share the information as they shared with me.

Where can you find THIS book?

The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies can be found in many book stores, yoga centers, and many online sources.  This is a book that you will want to buy a hard copy.  It will become a book to pass down in the family or gift to someone searching for a more natural way of living.

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