Do you have a smaller sized yard to care for but would rather do it yourself to save money while reducing pollution and reducing the pain that comes with the manual lawn labor?

From a single mother’s lawn care point of view, I have discovered the best eco-friendly lawn and garden tools to do the job with ease and would like to recommend them to everyone searching for the same convenience and a beautiful lawn.

Not only do single mothers look for ways to save money, we also look for ways to save time, save our health by preventing manual labor aches and pains, and ways our kids can help out (lawn work is a great discipline to teach and these tools are cool for kids or so my son thinks so).

Problems with conventional lawn and garden tools

I was a new home renter in an HOA that would fine me if my lawn had weeds or wasn’t properly cut or trimmed up nicely.

My first thought was to hire a landscaper (I never needed to take care of my own lawn before).  Here in Arizona, I called maybe 20 landscapers and half of those actually returned my call with quotes.  Those quotes to just mowing my lawn were close to $50-$100 each time.

Trimming the bushes and taking care of the weeds added another $50.

I scheduled with one landscaper to get the job done and see what needed to be done to prevent my HOA from adding to my fines.

They would only use Round-up for the weeds killing the new decorative plants I had and half of my lawn.  A week later, twice as many weeds started to grow.

We have all heard of the link between Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Roundup by now I hope and this worried me after seeing what the poison did to the lawn and how my kids like to play in the grass.

The landscaper also used all gas-powered lawn equipment.  The smell of pollution was intense mixed with the weed killer poison smell that I wouldn’t let the kids outside until the smell dissipated.

You honestly don’t really think about the amount of pollution from lawn equipment until you get that motherly sense of smell that warns us of poisons in the air.

The state of California has realized the problem when analysis shows by the year 2020 more air pollution from gas-powered lawn equipment will pass the amount emitted from cars.  Yes, really, causing the state to force landscapers to switch to more eco-friendly landscaping equipment similar to ones I’m going to recommend you today.

Here are the problems I discovered from my first home and first landscaper experience:

  • Landscapers are expensive
  • HOA fines add up quickly
  • Weed Killer is dangerous to the environment and our health
  • Gas-powered lawn equipment adds to the air pollution
  • It is hard to find a good landscaping company at a decent price
  • It is more economical to take care of your lawn yourself
  • There are other eco-friendly options better for your health and the environment to care for your lawn

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What eco-friendly lawn and garden tools can help solve these problems?

Unfortunately, eco-friendly landscaping means more manual labor.

I have discovered this manually pulling out weeds causing blisters, irritation, and many aching body parts.

This was one way to get rid of the weeds for free at least, but there are now wonderful eco-friendly tools that will cost less in the long run of lawn maintenance and make eco-friendly less painful.

There is still manual labor involved but you can reap the fruits of your labor.

Here are the 10 best eco-friendly lawn and garden tools saving money in the long run, saving our health, and saving the environment from harmful air pollution:

Garden Stand-Up Weeder and Root Removal Tool

First on the list of cool lawn and garden tools that are eco-friendly is this stand-up weeder and root removal tool.  I have tried spraying weeds with DIY weed killer but we have some tough weeds with deep roots here in Arizona.  This was the best and easiest tool for my weed problems in my lawn.  It’s also so easy for the kids to use and had fun using it.  No more blisters, no more irritation, and no more deep-rooted weeds that would keep coming back bigger and bigger.  There are videos on the product page showing how easy this tool is to use that is well worth the watch you can click the image below to watch it and learn more.

Greenworks Reel Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher

I never thought I would consider a reel lawn mower until now.  I remember my grandfather using one of these moving back and forth and looked so inconvenient compared to gas-powered lawn mowers.  Well, turns out they work perfectly for smaller lawns most of us have in an HOA suburb community.  They also have been upgraded to catch the grass, adjust the height, and the blades have a better design to cut well.  This reel lawn mower has a nice set of wheels that glide along and completely power free.  No gas and no electricity.  It also works perfectly for women like me who are a bit scared of gas-powered lawn equipment to do it ourselves.  The grass catcher is easy to detach and the grass clippings can be used in compost for garden fertilizer.  It is very conveniently priced compared to electric versions as well.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

This is an electric battery powered lawn mower from Greenworks with excellent reviews if you have a bit more lawn to mow that the reel lawn mower just won’t cut it.  This one is cordless powered with a lithium-ion battery.  It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and offers more power for bigger lawn jobs.

Greenworks 7 Amp Single Speed Electric 160 MPH Blower

This is the best electric leaf blower at the most affordable price for smaller lawn maintenance.  This leaf blower works exceptionally well for my small yard with that one elm tree with tiny leaves going everywhere only a few times a year.  You know what I’m talking about if you have an elm tree.  At this price, this leaf blower saved me a lot of time cleaning up those leaves.  Check it out by clicking the image below.

GreenWorks 40V Cordless String Trimmer and Blower Combo Pack

For those who have more than just an elm tree in their yard and a bit more maintenance to do around landscaping rock and edging, this combo pack is highly recommended.  Both trimmer and blower are electric and cordless.  The blower has more power than the previous one recommended.

VIVOSUN 26 Inch Wavy Blade Hedge Shears Manual Trimmer with Soft Telescoping Handle

You need something for those bushes that are too close to the sidewalk you’re required to keep trimmed up or you’re hit with a $25 fine from your HOA.  The most eco-friendly way to deal with the bushes is to manually trim them up.  Most shears can leave your hands a little raw after the job is done, but these trimming shears have a soft shock absorbing handle that is also adjustable.  The blades have a unique wavy design to aid in shaping made from sharp carbon steel blades that are also rust proof.

Plastair SpringHose Light EVA Lead-Free Drinking Water Safe Recoil Garden Hose

Every mom needs a safe water hose for her young child to play with while she’s doing yard work.  Or a simple and convenient water hose that doesn’t tangle and is easy to store after you wash your car or water that one spot the irrigation system misses.  this hose does it all safer than most water hoses and extremely convenient to store.  Now, the tap water coming out of it is most likely not safe you can read more about that in this article and you can attach a water hose filter at the end of the fitting that makes the tap water safe to drink and better for the garden plants.  The water hose filter is another cool lawn and garden tool for improving health while you’re putting in all that hard work.  The filter works better to remove harmful chemicals than most water filters you have inside the home!  Now you have clean drinking water with convenience outdoors.

Outdoor Tumbling Composter, 37 gallon

Using more eco-friendly lawn mowers, you might start to think even more eco-friendly by recycling those grass clippings into a compost bin to be used in your vegetable garden.  You won’t use all of the grass clippings but you can put some in the compost if your grass is organically grown to be used in your organic garden.  This composter is the most popular composter sold on Amazon today and can be rotated with two separate bins in one.  Thinking about composting, if you don’t have a small vegetable garden yet, this brings us to our last convenient lawn and garden tools.

Greenworks 10-Inch 8 Amp Corded Tiller

Small yards still need a splash of color with a nice flower bed or a small vegetable garden to grow your own food for those tasty lettuce wraps you tried in the past.  Greenworks has a powerful electric corded tiller to help you till that special place in your yard without using a gas-powered tiller.

These 10 eco-friendly lawn and garden tools have really helped make my life at home easier while making me feel good about helping the environment by changing to electric or manual landscaping equipment.

These tool recommendations also make a great gift if you know a single mom like myself who could use a little bit of lawn care help.  These are not just for single moms but we very much appreciate tools to help throughout our day.

Enjoy your lawn and garden and learn to reap the fruits of your labor with the environment and your health in mind.