Physicians Formula Makeup is designed with woman skin sensitivity in mind but is for anyone who is looking for an organic chemical free makeup line that is budget-friendly and provides natural beauty.

The story behind Physicians Formula is actually very heartwarming.  Dr. Frank Crandall developed a hypoallergenic formula for his wife to wear who longed for “healthy beauty” and wouldn’t aggravate her skin after being diagnosed with lupus.

He now creates the hypoallergenic formula for all women with lupus, any other skin sensitivity and wants to improve their skin health.

Why is it important to use organic hypoallergenic makeup?

There are many organic makeup lines available today due to increased skin sensitivity to harsh makeup chemicals.  I personally love the quality and low cost of Physicians Formula.  They really are bringing skin health awareness and organic makeup quality to everyone in the United States.

You may not have an underlying health problem like lupus to limit you on makeup choices but there are skin reactions you need to be aware of if you want to prevent health problems in the future.

Continued use of conventional makeup products can cause and is very likely to cause cosmetic-induced contact dermatitis.  Contact dermatitis can be irritant or allergic.

It’s possible for an allergy to a substance to develop even after years of using the cosmetic without previous problems. – Daniel More, MD

Even if you have not developed a rash or any other unwanted side effect from conventional makeup, you may want to stop using it now before allergic contact dermatitis or sensitive skin develops.

Contact dermatitis results in 5.7 million doctor visits each year in the United States – Daniel More, MD

Physicians Formula organic makeup is completely hypoallergenic without the 150+ skin aggravating chemicals you can find in conventional makeup.

What Physicians Formula Organic Makeup is Available?

You can find all Physicians Formula skin care products on their website but you have to search hard for their organic products and they are limited.  All of their products are approved by allergists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and plastic surgeons and don’t contain the 150+ known skin irritants that conventional skin care products contain.

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To get the best of the best, you need to search out the organic products that we have done for you here.  We also find that their products on Amazon are marked down in price compared to their own website making them even more affordable for all of us.

Here is our Physicians Formula organic makeup review:

Physicians Formula Organic Wear® Natural Origin Mascara 

This organic mascara has won the Reader’s Choice Award from the allure.  The bottle can be completely recycled.  It is not waterproof but it does not smudge on my skin if my eyes get watery or on a hot day.  The brush does a fine job at separating the lashes with no clumping from the formula at all.  This mascara is better than the similar products in store at the same price plus it’s completely safe for your eyes and skin with the organic and chemical free formula.

Physicians Formula Gentle Wear 100% Natural Organic Pressed Powder

The translucent powder prevents my oil buildup all day long.  I only need to apply this powder once at the beginning of my day.  Since I have an oily t-zone, applying powder all day long used to be my go-to method to reduce a shiny face but I also use this natural DIY face cleanser preventing the extra oil on my face as well as acne.  I still have not seen an increase in acne using this organic pressed powder.  I don’t wear makeup every day but when I do, I don’t get an acne breakout like I would with conventional makeup.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear® Natural Tinted Moisturizer

I use this organic tinted moisturizer as a coverup.  Since I use natural organic facial cleansers, I don’t have acne to hide.  The tinted color is just enough to blend my skin tones and protect my skin from sun rays as it contains SPF 15.  It also helps stabilize the moisture in my face leaving it smooth and youthful.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear® Bronzer & Blush

Bronzer is becoming very popular.  Physicians Formula ads bronzer and blush for a 2 in 1 organic color.  This bronzer & blush is a brand new cosmetic product with very good reviews!

Physicians Formula Organic Wear® Duo Eyeshadow

They only have one organic eyeshadow in their Organic Wear® makeup line right now.  So if you like the smokey eye or contour look with your eyeshadow, this organic eyeshadow is for you.

The Physicians Formula Organic Wear® makeup line is limited but if you’re going for the natural look, this line is all you need for those special healthy beauty occasions.

The makeup might be limited but from our Physicians Formula organic makeup review, these makeup products are the most important to have organic.  Mascara tends to get into the eye from fallen eyelashes or when the eyes tear up and contact dermatitis is more common on the large parts of your face such as your cheeks where you would put moisturizer, coverup, powder, and blush.

Physicians Formula is the best organic makeup brand but if you’re looking for more choices, Physicians Formula does have many more hypoallergenic choices that are all better than any conventional makeup brand at budget-friendly prices in my opinion.

You can visit their website or check out their Amazon store from one of our links above to save a few extra dollars on daily deals.  Just click on the images or name of the organic makeup we have recommended.

Let us know your experience with Physicians Formula Organic Wear® by leaving a comment below.

Happy Healthy Beauty Journey!