The bathroom can be the easiest room to remodel with sustainability in mind and maybe the most important room needing to go green.

There’s a lot of waste happening in the bathroom…

Did you know 83 million rolls of toilet paper are produced in one single day?  It takes 27,000 trees per day to produce this amount of toilet paper.  That is one shocking day!

Those numbers prove regular toilet paper is not very sustainable.  What about everything else in the bathroom?

Let’s think about plastic pollution and what types of products we find in the bathroom made of plastic.

Most of us already know that plastic takes thousands of years to biodegrade and is toxic to animal life, but did you know it also contributes to air pollution especially inside a bathroom where you shower daily?

The air pollution in bathrooms is coming from PVC or vinyl products such as vinyl shower curtains or even vinyl flooring!  The air pollution from these plastics is the most toxic of all plastic off-gassing chemicals and the steam in a shower aids in this toxic plastic environment.  Studies are also linking autism, asthma, and cancer to the chemicals released from PVC.

PVC is the most dangerous plastic but the production of all plastics contribute to greenhouse gases.

More plastic and other non-sustainable products you may find in a bathroom are mildew resistant bathmats and shower liners, toilet paper spring rod holders, toilet seats, rugs & mats, trash cans, toilet bowl brushes, and cleaners.  Even the wood in most bathroom vanities and furniture are not sustainable.

You can easily say that most bathrooms in the U.S. do not contain any sustainable products from the floor to the ceiling.

You can change this and remodel your bathroom to be eco-friendly and sustainable thanks to new modern innovations supporting your health, the environment, and our future.

How can you be more eco-friendly and sustainable with your bathroom remodel?

  • Switch to a linoleum, natural tile floor or eco-friendly concrete.  These flooring options do not release harmful chemicals and are created from more natural sustainable materials.
  • Use ceramic and glass in the shower area.  Get rid of those shower curtains.
  • Use natural bamboo to replace bathroom fixtures, furniture, vanities, and floor mats.  There are many new eco-friendly non-slip bath mats available.  Read why we support natural bamboo anywhere in the home including the bathroom.
  • Use water efficient showerheads, faucets, and toilets.  Don’t forget to reduce the chemicals in your water in your shower AND when you’re taking a bath.
  • Polypropylene plumbing is not 100% eco-friendly but is the safest plumbing material to use and can be recycled.
  •  Add water filters to support your health.  Read more about toxic chemicals are hidden in your bath or shower water.
  • Choose no-VOC eco-friendly paint for bathroom walls.
  • Use Green toilet paper, natural cleaners, natural towels such as organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo, and add some low light houseplants to help keep the air clean.
  • You can also consider natural toothpaste options that are eco-friendly as well as less toxic for your health.

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Here are some modern eco-friendly products you can easily order now to get you started with your sustainable bathroom remodel:

Bamboo Bath and Vanity Luxury Bathroom Essentials Accessory Set

You can start with the essentials with this bamboo accessory set.  No more plastic trash can, plastic soap dispenser, or plastic toothbrush holder.  Did I tell you how much I love bamboo in the home?

Bamboo (2 Pack) Non Skid Water Resistant Bath Floor Mats Non Slip Shower Bathroom Rugs

These 2 pack bamboo bathroom rugs are a good deal for sustainability.  They have very good reviews and offer a natural design in the bathroom.  There is also a bamboo runner frequently bought with these rugs that look great in the kitchen if you want to venture out of the bathroom and continue the eco-friendliness.

Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

These bath towels are highly absorbent, very soft, anti-bacterial, antifungal, and odor resistant.  They are made of 30% natural bamboo and 70% natural cotton.  Make sure you get the eco-friendly hand towels to match.

Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

This eco-friendly toilet paper solves our tree problem discussed earlier.  Bamboo is considered a grass, growing very quickly.  This toilet paper is also hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin.  While we’re thinking on the toilet, don’t forget about a natural air freshener.  Poo-Pourri is an all natural scientifically-tested formula to eliminate odors in the toilet before you go.

Organic Hemp Shower Curtain

This chemical free natural hemp shower curtain is luxury for the eco-friendly bathroom remodeler.  This shower curtain can last years with no mildew.  Instead of replacing your shower curtain, the hemp shower curtain can be washed.  This is the best hemp shower curtain to add that natural look and it’s organic.

Luxe Bidet Self Cleaning Nozzle Toilet Attachment

Believe it or not, the bidet is finally growing in popularity among American’s.  If you really think about moments in the bathroom that require a lot of toilet paper… a bidet actually does a better job as far as cleanliness goes while reducing those moments of clogging the toilet there’s so much toilet paper being used.  Thousands of people are finally upgrading their toilets with this bidet toilet attachment with fantastic reviews!  It is surprising but it is a great eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper at least at reducing the use of toilet paper greatly.  This easily attachable bidet can also relieve some irritation many of us can get sometimes while keeping us clean.  I wouldn’t have thought of a bidet as a product to add to my sustainable bathroom remodel must-haves until I gave birth to my son.  I feel moms who have given birth naturally will relate and can see the added benefits of this type of toilet upgrade!  Give it a try, be cleaner, and save some toilet paper use.  It’s very easy to install and the price is very reasonable.

Eco-friendly Bathroom Remodel Takeaways

When you’re planning your modern eco-friendly bathroom remodel, think about every little change will make a big difference.

Just switching to bamboo toilet paper will make a big difference especially when you tell your friends that switching to eco-friendly toilet paper is saving trees.

Bringing down that 27,000 number of trees cut in a day is the least we can do for ourselves and the environment.