The daily grind, waking up everyday driving to work in an office with no windows shields most American’s from seeing the dangerous effects of climate change.

Most of the 9-5 workers drive home in a trance worried about making it home for dinner stuck in horrendous traffic.  It’s hard to see past the brake lights and over the tall buildings into the fragile hidden environments burnt by fires, frozen under feet of snow, flooded from severe storms, barren from desertification, and vulnerable the 6th mass extinction.

Some of us have escaped this blinding urban cycle and explored areas being affected by climate change.  They share what they have seen and how dangerously close climate change is to show up at our front doors.

Here are the top 5 TED Talks that will leave you concerned about our future


1.  Greta Thunberg at age 16 is taking climate change action begging us to wake up and change everything right now if we want to see our children grow old.


2. Jason Matias shows the struggles of a landscape photographer.  Climate change causing beautiful natural wonders to disappear.


3.  Robert Muggah demonstrates with interactive maps, urban fragility happening now and what’s to come from climate change.


4.  Zaria Forman uses art to spark an emotional connection between people and the impacts of climate change.


5.  Alan Savory has the reasons and the answers to desertification happening to the majority of land around the world including the United States.