What do you do if you practice healthy habits throughout the day and normally sleep well and suddenly have a night when you just can’t fall asleep?

These random sleepless nights can happen to any healthy individual caused by various imbalances that particular day.  It could have been an unusually bad day, you could be exceptionally excited for the next day, or maybe the universe is unbalanced and affecting you on a level that has not been discovered yet.  Who knows!

So you go searching for answers only to find advice for things you already do daily or offer natural remedies like melatonin supplements that you don’t have because you don’t have insomnia normally and know better than to start taking such a supplement that might interrupt your own bodies melatonin production or the famous milk remedy when you have cut out milk completely from your diet like millions of millennials have done.

You already exercise daily, eat a balanced diet, and work hard.  You also probably have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow so you need answers quick and home remedy supplies you already have tonight.

Here is what we recommend you do right now at home to help you sleep tonight

The answer is to get up!  Stop tossing and turning only to prolong the sleepless pain.

Plan to be awake 30 more minutes or so while you do these things.  It’s better than being up longer than 30 minutes or worse, finally falling asleep and waking up every 30 minutes until it’s finally time to wake up.

After you get up, try these natural home remedies and actions to finally get your body ready to sleep for the night:

Note:  do these things in low light if possible.  Don’t wake yourself up too much!

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  • Drink one tsp. of organic baking soda with a full glass of water.  An active healthy person can have days of lactic acid buildup from heavy workouts throughout the week.  The science behind acid in your body and how baking soda helps breakdown that acid is similar to our natural hangover remedy using baking soda.
  • Eat a banana.  A banana will give you a little burst of energy for the next 30 minutes but will finally relax your muscles and give you some of those “feel good” natural chemicals your body needs to fall asleep.  If you don’t have a banana, find fruits or vegetables with magnesium and potassium like dates, raisins, oranges, cucumbers, spinach, etc.  A very light snack.
  • Write down your thoughts.  You could be experiencing some added stress causing your mind to wander a bit more than usual tonight.  While you’re waiting to go to the bathroom once more after that glass of water you drank, spend the next 20 minutes writing in your journal.  Your mind clearly is not ready for bed so exhaust your mind with giving it something constructive to do that is not watching T.V., reading a book you can’t put down, or physical activity.  If you’re daydreaming, draw a sketch of it.  If you came up with a good idea, write it down and give yourself a little bit of time to organize your thoughts.
  • Now you can go to the bathroom.  While you’re in there, turn on the hot water to create a bit of steam and the sound of the faucet might be soothing.  Wash your face and brush your teeth one last time.
  • Head back to bed with lavender and coconut oil.  The most popular essential oil sold is lavender and coconut oil is turning into a common household item.  They are not necessary but if you don’t have these items, here is our lavender and coconut oil we recommend for any more future sleepless nights.  Take a drop of lavender oil and a tsp. of coconut oil and rub your hands together with the mixture while sitting on your bed.  You’re almost ready to go back to sleep.  Rub your temples and the back of your neck for a few minutes with the oil mixture keeping your eyes closed and taking slow deep steady breathes.  Finish by rubbing your feet with the same oil mixture.  This method gives you the relaxing benefits of both massage and aromatherapy.
  • Lay down on your back with a small cushion under the back of your neck and your arms and legs straight and relaxed.  That little cushion causing your head to tilt back slightly and elongate your neck will help relieve tension in your neck.  If you practice yoga, this is savasana.  Don’t do yoga practice before bed as it will stimulate your body more.

Final thoughts

This extra 30 minutes might be what your body needed to burn off extra energy it had for whatever reason tonight.  You weren’t sleeping anyhow, right?

Sometimes these random sleepless nights happen to the best of us.  There is no need to invest in added sleep aids, go against your current diet or worse search for conventional medication to help you sleep when you are healthy, active, and normally don’t have sleep problems like insomnia.

Most of the products we recommended for sleep home remedies people already have.  If you don’t, you can still:

  • Drink water
  • Eat a light healthy snack
  • Write in a journal
  • Go to the bathroom
  • Give yourself a light massage focusing on breathing
  • Lay down in savasana

Share with us your random sleepless nights and let us know what worked best for you.  Happy sleeping 🙂