Women often ask themselves, how can I feel better and what is the best daily routine that will help reach my goals?  It’s also getting close to New Years Resolution time.  What would be the best New Years Resolution to try this year that you might actually stick with?

As a woman, I understand the sensitivities to the daily grind that results in negative health choices and presents challenges for your future.  We all have goals, it is the little things that help us reach those goals.

If your goal is to try a new daily ritual that increases productivity from increasing health choices, here are 10 new daily rituals that have worked so well for me that I want to share them with women alike:

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  1. Wake up and move

    First daily change no matter what day it is, weekend or during the week, is to GET UP when you first wake up.  Do not lay in bed for an hour or so when your eyes first open up.  By all means, take a second to adjust your eyes but you need to sit up and get moving.  A new daily ritual of training your body to get moving right away preferably closer to when the sun wakes up as well will help remove that lazy feeling that has settled in for most by continuing to lay in bed.

  2. Take a shower

    The next step is to get clean.  It’s hard to focus on daily activities if you don’t feel clean or you don’t look the way you would like.  I have seen many women not wanting to get things done because they have not showered yet or don’t look good enough to go anywhere.  If you need to go somewhere throughout the day that is necessary to reach your goals, be sure to take a shower after you wake up and before you start your daily activities.  You also want to make sure you are showering with a good shower filter because toxins in the water might be counterproductive putting you back to sleep afterward.

  3. Drink quality water

    Drinking quality water is essential for feeling your best throughout the day.  60% of our body is made up of water and women need about 2.2 liters of water every day according to the USGS water science school.  You need to drink an adequate amount of water and quality filtered water.  Making a mixture of Himalayan salt water or “sole” once a day depending on your health status can increase absorption and may prevent that afternoon crash if you have hypothyroidism.

  4. Do more yoga

    Adding a new exercise routine can be challenging especially for those who work long hours.  Going to the gym can take 1-2 hours out of your day and that $30-$60 a month could be used to your benefit elsewhere to improve health.  The benefit of doing yoga in your new daily ritual is that it is free, can be done anywhere, and any time spent doing yoga will increase your health.  A 5-minute yoga routine after your shower when your muscles are warm will stimulate your body enough to keep moving, strengthens your muscles, and stretches them out preventing stiffness later in the day.  A 5-minute yoga routine I do consists of a few sun salutations and floor stretches.  This also prevents any sciatica flare-ups that are common for women.  It’s hard to be productive when that sciatic nerve holds you down.

  5. Start a bullet journal

    Bullet journals are replacing the old lined journals with bullets or dots on the paper.  These bullets open up the journal world to more creativity and organization.  The one I use has numbered pages and a table of contents built in to get you started with the organization through creative journaling.  I also have a beautiful marker set to brighten it up and make me feel like a happy kid again.  I use my bullet journal to keep track of my health, goals, meal planning, menstrual cycle, business, ideas, to do lists, chores, calendar, etc.  I also like adding an artistic scrapbook theme with it to make me feel good everytime I open it which is several times a day.  Bullet journals are becoming a new ritual used by many successful women.

  6. Eat healthier NEW foods and meal plan

    If you have ever wanted to try meal planning, the time is now.  Eating healthy and regularly is just as important as making sure to drink enough quality water.  The struggle with meal planning is it can get boring or it’s hard to think of what to make to eat for 7 days.  You might be used to eating on a whim with whatever your stomach is craving.  That could lead to unhealthy choices so try something new with your daily ritual that is working for the women who organize and avoid those unhealthy cravings by spicing things up.  I recommend spicing things up with ayurvedic meal planning.  Chances are these are new foods to try and you can use your bullet journal to help plan them out along with The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook.  Meal planning is built into this cookbook, introduces you to something NEW and based off one of the healthiest and most natural ancient medical practice.  If Ayurveda is not saying healthy and new, I don’t know what is.  The reviews of the Ayurveda cookbook is pretty impressive and deserves a try.

  7. Take your vitamins

    Most women are deficient in key vitamins preventing productivity and achieving goals.  This is why Katerina Schneider created the Ritual vitamins intended to be taken with your new daily ritual.  The Amazing ingredients made for women can be taken without food starting your day off, or more specifically, your brain with everything it needs to function optimally.  Decreasing negative health choices and increasing positive health choices is key to starting a new daily ritual that improves productivity and achieving goals.  A quality vitamin could take the place of a gym membership if physical activity is done at home.  This leads to our next daily ritual to begin…

  8. Begin budgeting

    Budgeting is extremely important to keep in mind every day and works well in a bullet journal.  Budgeting can be overwhelming so journaling with colorful charts can really help see where you are spending the most and how much you can start saving.  According to CBS, money is the leading cause of stress in America.  Stress alone can wreak havoc on a woman’s body causing depression, low quality of life, lack of motivation, including increased risk of cancer.  Many of us spend frivolously at times or think we are budgeting well but never really write it down to visually see where our money is going and this is actually very important to organize daily.  Here is a Wallstreet Journal Best Seller on budgeting that could be a good start for you.   Knowledge is power and reading fuels your fire to succeed in life.

  9. Make realistic goals

    The best goals to start with a new daily ritual are the small ones.  Ones that you can achieve short-term.  Checking smaller goals off the list helps build confidence to tackle the big goals that take longer to achieve.  Naturally our minds like immediate satisfaction.  Long-term goals are for those who have learned patience and the power of baby steps.  The goals you set should be achievable by completing many smaller ones.  Goals can change over time and that’s ok, as long as you are learning and setting new and more realistic goals.

  10. Reward yourself

    Finally, the reward at the end of a hard days work.  A reward can be as simple as a good nights sleep as long as you recognize the reward and feel gratitude towards yourself.  A simple note next to your bed or a place in your bullet journal for rewards is essential for that good feeling we all need to feel.  Women often forget to do this part leading to life seeming like a chore.  Planning out your reward for making a positive change in your life is critical at the end of our list of ten new daily rituals for women.


These ten daily rituals to start can be started any day or you can start them with your New Years Resolution.  When you come to the realization that a change is needed and a healthy change to your daily activities is necessary for your success as a woman, it doesn’t matter when you start the change.  Starting a new daily ritual is the first step to any ritual you decide to follow leading to a healthy and organized new you.