As more research is released about the health hazards of DEET for insect repellent, you might be searching for a DIY insect or mosquito repellent that works best.

I have a DIY 3 ingredient natural mosquito repellent using essential oils that works

I personally don’t use essential oils for much due to some health risks involved, but I can say I use essential oils the MOST to make my natural mosquito repellent that works the best.  I am one of those mosquito magnets and have tried all the methods.  I am also blood type O pos possibly leading to the unwanted favoritism from mosquitos a new study suggests mosquitoes bite people with type O blood more often than other blood types.

The need for a natural insect or mosquito repellent is increasing every year.  The current conventional repellents are riddled with cancer-causing agents and the risk for mosquito-borne diseases continue to grow in the United States.

The best defense from mosquito-borne disease without cancer-causing agents is a natural mosquito repellent.  The best natural mosquito repellent comes from pure natural oils and has been used since ancient times by Egyptians and other ancient civilizations.

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The 3 ingredients for natural insect or mosquito repellent that works

  1. Olive oil
  2. Lemongrass oil
  3. Tea tree oil

I use the purest and organic oils and mix these 3 ingredients in a small bowl prior to application.  The main ingredient here is the olive oil known as a carrier oil.  It is the safest of the oils with rare allergic side effects.  Olive oil has many wonderful uses outside of cooking including skin care and health remedies during winter months.

Lemongrass is the second ingredient and is also a fairly safe essential oil providing a lovely scent to us but not for insects.  I add 3-5 drops of pure lemongrass oil to a half a cup of olive oil.

Only one drop is needed from the third ingredient pure Australian tea tree oil.  Tea tree oil is very potent and only one drop is needed to ward off pesky insects but must be used with a carrier oil for safety and a skin test before continued use as the health risks are high with this oil.

I personally don’t have a skin allergy to tea tree oil but it is common and there are other health warnings you should be aware of before using tea tree oil with any natural remedies.  You can learn more about the health warnings and why one drop is all you need here. 

I mix these ingredients fresh every time and apply after a shower like you might using moisturizer.  This natural repellent also works as a great natural moisturizer as well.  I reapply as needed depending on how long I plan on being outdoors.

Recommended Oils

Not every essential oil or carrier oil is made the same.  I only use pure organic oils found from Amazon with the best reviews.  I do not recommend oils from out of home sales funnels that do not properly educate on the correct uses or dangers of essential oils.  Essential oils are used for medicinal purposes.  Every medicine including conventional medication has recommended dosage.

Here are the organic pure oils I recommend:

Organic extra virgin olive oil from Sky Organics –  The best part of using olive oil for a natural skin remedy is to find one you can also cook with.  Maximize the olive oil benefits.  This oil comes directly from Greece grown organically and also won an award for the best USDA organic olive oil.

Nature’s oil organic lemongrass oil – Oregon’s BEST!  Certified organic and tested for purity.  I use this lemongrass oil in my natural facewash to prevent acne.

Nature’s oil organic Australian tea tree oil – You really only need the 10 mL bottle.  I follow my one drop rule for this oil making the bottle also last longer.  Essential oils do expire.  Buying the smaller bottles for oil such as tea tree oil that is not used as often as olive oil will ensure you replace bottles with fresh ones before they expire.