You might be a beginner gardener struggling to grow garden plants in containers and pots or you might be a seasoned gardener looking for the best method to grow your own food with the highest yields and save some money.

Beginner, seasoned, or somewhere in between gardener, we ALL have run into problems trying to grow plants in containers.

The idea of growing beautiful indoor or outdoor patio trees and other plants and maybe growing your own food in an urban setting such as an apartment or condo sounds perfect until your container garden starts failing.  This is very sad for all of us and trust me, all of us have failed at some point during our garden ventures.

Do NOT give up hope because there is a new method of container gardening that is growing in popularity and WILL save your dreams of having that beautiful container garden you always wanted.

Growing garden plants in containers are very different from growing in the ground and up until now, was a science to manage specific plant needs to specific containers.

You might have tried plastic containers adding extra drainage holes with a drill if you suspect overwatering when your plant suddenly looks stressed or one plant is doing well in a mason jar or tin can while another plant is barely making it in the same container.  There’s also the size question, Should you buy small and keep sizing up the pot as your plant grows or just start out with the biggest size you think your plant will grow to?

All of these trial and errors to play with along with A LOT of money can be minimized with fabric grow bags.  Yes, fabric grow bags WILL be your savior for indoor or outdoor container growing if anything I have said until now is relatable for you.

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Here are the 10 reasons how plant grow bags will save your love for container gardening:

  1. The roots can breathe

    Aeration is a term most beginner gardeners have never heard of.  Believe it or not, roots need oxygen!  Fabric grow bags allows for air to flow through reaching the roots much like soil outdoors when the ants and worms create pockets of air for the plants in the ground.  Containers need to mimic natural soil conditions as much as possible for container gardening success.  When the plant feels the air all around the roots, they will grow out creating a stronger root system.

  2. No overwatering worries

    The tiny holes in the fabric allow water to flow through and drain evenly.  Water will never be able to sit at the bottom for too long causing root rot.  A tray is still needed under the fabric grow bag container indoors.  This is especially relieving for the excited gardeners who love to water their plants.

  3. Fewer temperature fluctuations

    Plastic containers can suffocate a plant and cook the roots in extreme heat during the summer.  Breathable fabric does not hold heat like plastic and the air flow helps keep plants cool.  If you are a runner in the summer, you know the importance of breathable running clothes to prevent heat exhaustion.

  4. Easier to transplant with less shock

    I’m sure just about everyone has experienced needing to remove a root bound plant from a plastic container to transplant it to a larger container or in the ground.  They say gently remove the plant from the pot.  Have you been able to gently remove a plant that has feet of roots wrapped along and coming out the bottom tiny drainage holes?

  5. Improves yields

    The fruit and vegetable yields if you like growing your own food is exceptionally higher if the plant does not endure the stress of plastic containers or other pots.  Stabilizing the root system health promotes higher plant yields.  A stressed plant will produce less food and will make it challenging to see the rewards of caring for garden plants.

  6. Grow bags take up less space

    Most of the population in America live in urban areas where space is greatly limited.  Grow bags make it possible to care for more plants indoors, on a patio or outdoors if you have some land.  The bags can be pushed up next to each other depending on the plant type much easier than other container options.  Once you see how well your plants grow in a fabric container, you will be finding more places to grow more plants.

  7. Lighter weight

    Some of us live in harsher environments needing to move container plants around depending on the sunlight and temperatures.  Plastic containers are heavier than fabric and clay pots are even heavier than plastic.  Some fabric garden bags are not as durable as others but the best ones we will recommend below are surprisingly durable and come with handles to help with the process of moving the plants.  There are starter grow bags for seedlings that are biodegradable made for short-term use so you have to be careful with what type of grow bags you use.

  8. Environmentally friendly

    Some grow bags are even environmentally friendly!  Gardeners love this because most of us grow a love for nature and become more environmentally aware as we keep learning and gardening.  Not all grow bags are environmentally friendly but 247 Garden fabric grow bags are made with BPA-free environmentally friendly felt.  These bags get 4.5 stars on Amazon and are all over the internet with the best reviews.

  9. Saves A LOT of money!

    Once you see the price of plant fabric grow bags, your jaw might drop with how much money you could have been saving over the years compared to containers and pots they have in stores.  Some grow bags you can re-use but for the price, you can easily with a guilt-free feeling cut down the sides of the bag if you need to transplant.  Gardening can be expensive when starting your first garden especially when there is a learning curve and need to buy new supplies or upgrade.  I grow banana trees indoors that need very large containers.  I can now focus on spending my money on better organic soil and fertilizer instead of on a large pot that could cost over $100 and possibly put stress on my banana.

  10. You can make your own

    If you want to save even more money and like to be crafty, you can make your own plant grow bags.  You can get a large roll at your local fabric store for a decent price and make as many grow bags as your heart desires in any size.  You can also get creative and add design to it.  It might be more challenging to find fabric that is environmentally friendly but any fabric you use will essentially be more environmentally friendly than the large amounts of plastic in most containers out there.

I personally wish I knew about this fabric grow bags years ago and this is why I’m sharing this information with you today.  They have revolutionalized new garden methods and increased confidence in young gardeners.   It’s the little things that will help change this world so do see the fabric grow bags on Amazon and read the reviews.  This method of container gardening has really changed hundreds of peoples lives and increased the ability for people to grow their own food organically on a budget.