The first thing a woman should do if they have the same skin type as me (oily T-zone, fair and sensitive facial skin), is STOP BUYING PRODUCTS LOADED WITH CHEMICALS!

If you found us today, I’m sure you’ve tried every astringent, acne treatment, exfoliant, etc.  Of course, it seems they work for a week, maybe two.  All of a sudden, your oil in the T-zone is back two-fold, or your face is beat red, or your face acne is back again, maybe with even deeper pimples.

I’ve been there, I’ve done it, and now I have the answer for women out there who share the same facial skin type as I do.

The skin type I’m talking about is fair skin complexion that shows EVERY red spot.  My face is also sensitive to skin products.  The wrong facial soap and my face gets extremely dry or makes my acne worse.  The end result is usually a dry red face with even brighter red pimples.  So, I cover it up with makeup and in an hour, my T-zone now gets very oily making me put on powder every hour.

If you are a woman who can relate to my skin type, you MUST follow these natural acne home remedy steps and finally stop thinking about your facial flaws.  It’s time to breathe and think about anything other than if you need a new makeup touchup.

First Step:  Get rid of the products you have bought at the store and stop wearing makeup for a week.

Maybe start on a Friday night with the plan to stay home all weekend.  If you have to go to work on Monday, tell yourself, “This is for me and no one else.  No one will remember the week I didn’t cover up my acne with makeup.  Once it is cleared up and my skin looks radiant, they will see the transition and compliment you later on.”  Trust me.  Just about a week to let your face finally BREATHE!

Second Step:  Find or purchase all natural products I’m going to recommend.

They are incredibly cheaper than what you bought at Walmart.

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Here are the natural products to use while treating your acne and bringing life back to your facial skin:

  • Baby shampoo or Castille soap
  • Organic Baking Soda
  • Aloe Vera – live plants are one of the easiest to take care of and they help purify the air.  Nothing more natural than from a live plant.  If caring for plants is not for you, there is a wonderful organic aloe powder that can be used as a replacement for the live plant and works just as well.
  • Lemongrass oil – Certified organic and tested for purity in the state of Oregon.
  • Filtered water
  • Spray bottle – just a $1 store buy or what goes on sale.

These products can all be found on Amazon that I have linked to in the list if you don’t already have them and I highly recommend ordering from the sources I recommend as retail store products are limited to pure or organic quality (again, stay away from the chemicals).

Third Step:  Organize your natural ingredients and incorporate a new face wash routine for effective acne treatment.

Cut a small piece of aloe vera from a live plant (about 2-3 inches long) and squeeze the juices into a spray bottle filled with filtered water (most water is ok as long as it is NOT TAP WATER, NO CHEMICALS).  Add 2-3 drops of lemongrass oil to the spray bottle.

Spoon out a few tablespoons of organic baking soda into a small container, big enough to spoon out about a teaspoon or so while washing.

The best place to wash your face is when you’re in the shower at the end of your wash time.  The steam helps open up your pores.  Bring your spray bottle, Castille soap (or baby shampoo if you prefer and already have some if you’re a mom like me), and baking soda container where you can easily access it in the shower.

Fourth Step:  Follow this face wash order using your natural ingredients.

Wash your face with a bit of Castille soap first then rinse.  Take a teaspoon of the baking soda and spread it around your face.  Gradually scrub a little rougher especially around the T-zone.  You may feel skin cells coming off if you’re scrubbing good enough.  This is good!  Scrub for a minute or two then rinse.

Finish your face wash by spraying about 5 sprays of the aloe mixture in your hand and rub on your face gently.  Pat around for a minute for your skin to soak it in.  Before rinsing, turn the shower water to a colder temperature then rinse.

The aloe mixture with cold water helps to close your pores at the end of your acne wash while hydrating your skin.  

You don’t need to wash your face with all the ingredients every day.  Washing with just baby shampoo or Castille soap every other day works best for me especially after I repaired my skin back to normal.

An added healthy skin bonus tip: add a water filter to your shower head.  City water is full of chlorine and other chemical reactions that destroy your hair, skin, and health.  These chemicals in the shower or bath water over dry your skin.  Your face could be dry on the outside and extra oily towards the inside of your face because of this imbalance of facial skin moisture.

This natural acne facewash home remedy still works better than anything I have ever purchased with or without the shower water filter, but the shower water filter will help you cut down on other chemical products not needed such as lotion and other hair care products.  Just say NO TO CHEMICALS.

Note:  If you are a woman who also has facial hair problems, you NEED to read this article.

I rarely wear makeup anymore, I don’t need to!  When I do for special occasions, the makeup goes on smoother, stays on longer, and I don’t need to reapply because my face starts to get oily.  I do limit my makeup use as it will clog pores over time and chemicals do long-term damage.

You remove the chemicals and your skin will start feeling young and smooth like children skin.  I feel my wrinkles have decreased slightly but I have never had many wrinkles, to begin with, so I can’t say this home remedy is anti-aging or not.  Give it a try and let us know your natural acne treatment results in the comments!