Every health-conscious individual is always looking to expand their home library.  These health nuts can be hard to shop for during the Christmas season.  These picky friends or family won’t say no to a book.

Health books are great for those college kids looking to grow into healthy young adults but tend to lack in their personal library dealing with student loans.

Books are a great gift for anyone and most are under $30 making it a perfect thoughtful appreciated Christmas gift on a budget.

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Here are the most popular top 10 books to get your health friends for Christmas


1. The ultimate vegan cookbook for beginners

Vegan’s are coming back and need to learn how to eat the way we were meant to.

2. The herbal apothecary

Say yes to natural medicine and say no to pharmaceuticals.

3. The complete book of essential oils and aromatherapy

Natural living practiced by ancient civilizations for thousands of years.

4. Acupuncture points handbook

A health alternative everyone should consider.

5. Organic Gardening Guide

Grow your own food without the chemicals.

6. Homesteading:  A backyard guide

A new way of living, start with a how-to guide.

7. 200 Natural beauty tips

Just say no to chemicals in your hair and your face.

8. Eco-friendly house cleaning guide

Change is hard but book guides make it easy to know how to change for the sake of the environment.

9. Your body, Your yoga

Yoga is growing in popularity as the best exercise for your body.

10. Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life

Finally, for those stuck in a mental rut…