For some, the winter blues are upon us along with other bothersome health problems that come with the cold and dry weather.  Some of these problems stick with us all winter season long!  Conventional medicine for these winter ailments often results in the dependence of the medicine called a “snowball effect”, makes the ailment worse, or just doesn’t work well.  Nasal spray dependency any one?

Olive oil could be the solution to preventing this “snowball effect” in health problems commonly faced during the winter months.  Olive oil has been used as a healthy natural remedy since ancient times and its uses range from health care uses to beauty and cooking.

Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used olive oil throughout the day as part of their daily lives.  It was a necessity close to drinking water.  Olive oil was so important, the olive tree became a symbol and was highly integrated with their religion and medical practices.

It was considered a symbol of peace, wisdom and victory. That is why the winners of the Olympic Games were crowned with a wreath of wild olive (the cotinus). – Explore Crete

Olive oil becomes very useful when the weather is cold and dry due to it’s amazing moisturizing and antimicrobial properties.  Winter also brings people closer together to keep warm leading to infections and FLU season which this year is predicted to be the worse flu season on record.  Unfortunately, olive oil has not been proven to cure the flu, but it is known to solve 5 very common winter ailments most of us experience with no side effects and is completely natural.

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Dry Nose

This problem can be the worse for some people who have found themselves falling down a rabbit hole with their nasal spray.  The dry or stuffy nose starts then eases for a little while with nasal spray only to end up with severe inflammation once they try to stop the nasal spray.  Nosebleeds and just pain often accompany the dry nose.  You know winter is coming when your nose starts to dry out.  A drop or two of pure organic olive oil will offer immediate relief for the dry nose.

A Sore Throat

Adding olive oil to your honey and lemon tea might make a huge difference in your natural alternative remedy for a sore throat.  Its antibacterial properties show promise to battling strep throat if you catch it early enough.  I would just drink this every day in the winter.  Sore throats are never fun and this is the healthier choice over Chloraseptic spray (did you know you are not supposed to swallow that stuff because it could be toxic and can cause side effects).  You might need to use that spray every few minutes for a severe sore throat but olive oil is worth a try.  Most of us try anything to get their throat feeling better, why not try something you cook with and is a healthy natural alternative.

Dry Skin

Did you know you can take olive oil in the shower with you to use at the end with a quick rinse for no mess and leave your skin hydrated after the shower?  Olive oil is one of the best carrier oils for other essential oils and dry skin remedy.  To create your own scented moisturizer that actually works throughout the day, you can add lemongrass, rose oil, or lavender to the olive oil for a lovely scented natural moisturizer.  A smaller bottle of olive oil to keep in a ladies purse while out is especially helpful when you’re out in the cold wind causing your hands to crack and itch they become so dry.


If olive oil can help moisturize dry skin, it can also help moisturize the dry scalp leading to dandruff.  This squalane Italian oil derived from olives is quickly becoming the #1 moisturizer for skin, nails, and hair!  This non-greasy form is especially helpful in treating dandruff.

Ear Infections

Olive oil is most widely known for treating ear infections over any of the other health problems.  Conventional treatment advises to take antibiotics for ear infections and often misdiagnose that there is an ear infection to begin leading to antibiotic-resistant bacteria among other problems.  Oral antibiotics are less effective than hitting the infection directly in the ear with an antimicrobial.  Pharmaceutical antibiotics also come with many side effects. A common side effect of antibiotics prescribed for ear infection is a very upset stomach.  Olive oil for ear pain or infection is a healthier and effective alternative.  The Wellnessmama swears by adding another powerful antimicrobial to the carrier olive oil tincture and that is garlic!  Two natural remedies are better than one!

Discuss this alternative method with your doctor and give it a try.  Soon, you will be using olive oil just as much as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks did.

If you’re looking for a larger bottle of olive oil to help with all of these problems and use for other natural remedies including nursing a virus, I use this organic greek extra virgin olive oil daily!  Love this stuff!