For beginner tomato gardeners, the most important requirement to care for them is how to feed them.  Most gardeners research water requirements, sun exposure, and the right soil to start.  The right food is sometimes overlooked and the most important to get tomatoes.  You can still have a healthy looking plant but not get a good tomato yield.  So what is the recommendations for tomato food for high tomato yields?

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Most all-purpose organic fertilizer for tomatoes like this one Organic All-Purpose Fertilizer is great for the beginning growth cycle for tomato plants.  Once the tomatoes show signs of making flowers, an increase in phosphorus is needed to support flower production.  The more flowers, the more tomatoes.  The most recommended source of phosphorus for organic tomato gardeners comes from Down to Earth Fish Bone Meal that is high in phosphorus as well as other minerals your plants need all the time.  Gardeners are recommending the fish bone meal all around as the latest best-kept secret in creating higher yields of tomatoes.  Read the reviews of this Down to Earth Fish Bone Meal and you will see many comments with high fruit yields using this during flowering and no chemicals added to your food.

Once your tomatoes start to grow, your organic all-purpose fertilizer will do the job just fine.  Remember to collect the seeds from your organic tomatoes and keep the nutrition grow cycle growing from your own home.  Here is more information on collecting and growing your own seeds Indoor Organic Seed and Garden Food Growing Tips.  There’s new information on growing fruits and vegetables indoors in that article.  Indoor gardening may be the only way soon enough due to climate change.  It’s best to start learning and experimenting now for extra preparedness.

It is also recommended to add some Fish Bone Meal to your soil as an amendment.  Give your tomato plants a good start by making sure it has the best nutrients in the soil before it even gets started.  Here is a list of recommended organic soil amendments that work in raised beds and containers:

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