The Dreaded Afternoon Crash

The afternoon crash we are talking about is when thyroxine (T4) is at it’s lowest for people with hypothyroidism.  This crash is a debilitating feeling of fatigue in the afternoon.  Many people might experience this afternoon crash and have not been diagnosed with thyroid dysfunction.  Thyroid diseases are often misdiagnosed because when you tell your doctor, “you feel really tired”, everybody feels really tired because of the work life we have in the United States.  Coffee, tea, or get more sleep is often advised by most doctors.

Women are exceptionally prone to thyroid dysfunction and would explain why women feel tired more often than men.  The pituitary gland functions with the thyroid along with many female organs and hormones.  It’s no wonder women experience this afternoon crash more frequently than men.

Hypothyroid diagnosis or not, anyone can give THIS drink a try right before you feel the afternoon crash coming or during if it creeps up on you unexpectedly.  It is all natural, consists of only 2 ingredients, and doesn’t require a blender.  It also has added benefits beyond increasing your energy during this daily fatigue.

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What is THIS drink?

THIS drink is Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and water.  That’s it!  Just one or two granules of this recommended Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and it will have you feeling better in less than 30 minutes and it is natural.  Just add it to a glass of spring or filtered water and stir it up after it dissolves.

Depending on the severity of the crash, this drink will give you an added boost of energy to get you through the day. For more information on drinking Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, read this article – Using Himalayan Salt to Improve Your Purified Drinking Water

Here’s why THIS simple drink is so effective in the afternoon crash

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt contains Iodine.  Iodine is essential to thyroid function.

Salt has been given a bad name over the years because so many doctors advise limiting salt intake.  “Limit” does not mean remove.  Many of us now may be highly deficient in Iodine and not even know it.  A yearly checkup from doctors does not include serum Iodine levels.  Nor is thyroid function tests taken at the proper times of day to truly represent your thyroid function if it’s even included in your normal checkups.

Regular table salt is iodized for added iodine but does not contain any other natural minerals essential to the body.  You will find when shopping pink Himalayan sea salt, the package may read that it does not contain or is not a good source of iodine like table salt advertises.  This is because you cannot measure the number of minerals in an all natural product since it is not made in a lab or processed like regular table salt.   Do not let these labels deter you from your health benefits.

Pink Himalayan salt is formed in the mountains of Pakistan from marine fossil deposits in an ancient seabed from the Jurrasic era.  The highest concentrations of iodine found naturally are found in sea vegetables, the ocean, and fish.  Understanding where iodine is naturally found and how pink Himalayan sea salt is found, it stands to reason pink Himalayan sea salt must contain levels of iodine.

If the purity of pink Himalayan sea salt interests you, read The Purest Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Optimal Health.  This article gives you another option for a pure source of Omega-3s and you will learn how important Omega-3s are to your health.

The body needs a small amount of iodine to maintain proper thyroid health balance.  Pink Himalayan salt is mainly comprised of 98% salt and the other 2% other natural minerals.  The iodine found in the other 2% is more than enough to get you through the afternoon and it is coming from a pure source.  Of course, each granule of sea salt has its own concentration of minerals.

Food is meant to be consumed in moderation so try out this drink on days you are feeling exceptionally tired and try it out on different occasions to see what works for your body.  Each person is different and everyone has different diets.

Tip for added benefits

Add some organic baking soda to the mix, just a teaspoon and you can make sure your water is alkaline.  This also helps with heartburn if you have a condition causing frequent heartburn.  The taste of organic baking soda will surprise you.  It is nothing like what you find at stores.  It has a very mild flavor that is very tolerable along with the sea salt.  If you find that THIS drink helps with your afternoon crash and you have not been diagnosed with a thyroid dysfunction; ask your doctor to order a proper thyroid function test.

The Health Statistics

54 thousand people will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer alone this year and the numbers are rising every year.  An estimated 200 million people around the world have some sort of thyroid disorder.  Your diet plays a huge part in the way you feel every day along with how your hormones are functioning.  It is worth trying chemical free natural remedies and take control of your own health.

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