How do you change your diet to an all vegan diet?

If you are someone who has decided to make a complete change from eating meat, dairy, fast food and junk food to an all vegan diet, you are not alone.  Many people make the complete change or try it at least.  I will tell you many people fail.  They fail because they have not done their research on such a big change in diet.  If you’re already a vegetarian then the change to vegan is much easier.  Most vegetarians have already done their homework on the topic so this article is for people like myself.  I am making the huge change just like you and sharing my experience.  It’s not easy but it is possible, it is very beneficial, and worth it!

Do not change your diet completely in one day

Your body survives by balancing.  It balances many things like chemicals, electrolytes, and nutrients.  Changing your diet rapidly will interrupt this balance and it will leave you feeling terrible and with a massive headache.

Start your change slowly on a day to day basis or even weekly.  Each day, add a new vegetable or small vegan snack.  After a week of adding new vegan foods, start to take away the non-vegan foods you eat.  Take one away each day.  Slowly you will come to a balance where the vegan foods take over and the non-vegan foods are removed completely.  It’s ok if this takes months, you’re on the right track!

Start with a vegan replacement meal powder

While you are working on the switch adding vegan meals slowly, vegan replacement meal powder is the best way to start the switch.  It is packed full of vitamins that you will need to think about more and it’s easier to mix a shake then create a brand new meal to try.

There are nutrients you get from meat and dairy that you need to find in your new diet elsewhere.  You will soon figure out the balance of nutrients in your new diet but it does take time.  The vegan replacement meal powders add all the vitamins you need so you don’t have to think about it just yet.  Your whole life is about to change in the kitchen.  Mixing powder with water will give you a little more time to continue your vegan journey as you start to create vegan meal works of art.

Take it one meal at a time

To change your diet, you need to change how you cook and what you cook.  Have fun with this.  There are so many ideas and innovative companies who have paved the way for you.  You are deciding to make the change at a great time.  You can have vegan meal preps delivered right to your door to try.  You can explore Pinterest for many recipes.  Instagram has lots of yummy vegan photos to explore.

Find out what you like, what works for you and what keeps your body healthy and balanced.

Organize your shopping list

Once you have explored some vegan meals and new foods you’ve never had before.  You are now ready to stock up.  You may have never created a shopping list before but you might be needing one now.  You will find out that you will actually be eating more and if you run out of food, you are more likely to give in to foods like fast food or maybe junk you were not ready to throw away yet.

Most vegans like to get creative with their meals too.  You will be surprised at some tasty dishes out there made with food you never would have thought tasty in your life.  Vegan meals will surprise you.  Creating that shopping list will help you from forgetting an essential ingredient to those delicious meals.

Plan your home garden design

Now that you know how the vegan life works, it’s time for you to grow your own food.  The grocery store is a good place to start experimenting with new vegetables but you will find they don’t carry everything and you end up questioning where they came from or how they were grown.  You will also get sick of going to the store when you find out other people grow their produce right in their backyards.

If you think redecorating is fun, add-in some fun decorating ideas with herbs in the kitchen and redesign your backyard for a garden.  Pinterest has many ideas for this along with how to grow.

Research and listen to your body

With all diets and nutrition, there are always new things to learn.  New research discovering new ways of doing things.  If you feel weird or you have a weird craving, look it up.  Chances are other people have experienced the same thing.  It could be your body needing a vitamin or a mineral.

Follow others who are making the change with you and research as many vegan articles as you can find.  You are not alone and soon you will be the one helping another take this leap to a vegan diet.

We love hearing from you!  Leave a comment on your vegan experiences.